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Q: My exboyfriend hasn't contacted me for two weeks. Is it safe to assume it is over?
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My ex-boyfriend hasn't contacted me for 2 weeks. Is it safe to assume it is over?

No. If you call him or see him just ask him if you could sill be friends. Just because you braked up doesn't mean you cant be friends. :-)

When will the next update for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

Hasnt been realsed but im guessing a couple weeks.

How soon can hepatitis B be detected when contacted?

3 weeks after exposure

How long does it take to find out that you have contacted Ebola?

2 to 3 weeks before symptoms show.

What could cause an unexplainable numbness in a toe?

The toe has been numb for 3 days but hasnt changed color. I'm 30 weeks pregnant if that's relevant.

Your Ex contacted you told you he loves you he is getting married in 2 weeks and now tels you to leave him alone?

I would just leave it alone. He is getting married in two weeks so there is not much you can do.

Can you take lysine while pregnant?

I am 38 weeks and just contacted my Ob-gyn...the verdict is still out. He recommended the Lysine cream for external use.

Can you travel to Mexico if your passport will expire 3 weeks from the date your going Im going to Mexico from March 31-April 3rd. My passport expires on April 23rd?

yes. it hasnt expired yet.

How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test if your period still hasnt returned after giving birth 6 weeks ago?

The period can take 2 months and even a little bit more before it comes back. If you've had unprotected sex you can test 2 weeks after sex.

How much do a abortions cost for 3 4 weeks?

I assume you means 3-4 weeks since it's not allowed at 34 weeks. This early it can be a medical or suction so around $450-$650.

How big are dalmatians as puppies?

I assume you mean at 8 weeks, when they're able to be adopted. My last dalmatian puppy weighed 12 pounds at 8 weeks.

My abusive ex hasn't contacted me for 2 weeks. Is it safe to asume it is over?

I hope so but dont leave yourself in a false sense of security, be careful.

What grocery store sells paul sorvino sauce?

I contacted Paul Sorvino's official Website and they responded to me that in 2 weeks his products will be sold in Food Town

How long do nor Easters last?

I can assume that you mean the storm. They can last up to several weeks

Why has he not called in 3 weeks we have seen each other for 8 years and all of a sudden not a call at all?


What paintball gun comes out in 3 weeks?

As we dont know when you posted this... I can only assume that it will be a new gun.

What if your exboyfriend still calls you every two weeks of the month and has been doing this for four years now since broken up and still have sex with you does he still care or have feelings for you?

Depends on who broke up with who. If he broke up with you then most likely no. But if u broke up with him then yes of course.

When did you get pregnant if you are 17 weeks and 2 days on January 14 2010?

If you are 17 weeks and two days on January 14th, then I assume you are due roughly on June 22nd (to be at 40 weeks). If this is the case then your dates of conception are from September 25th to October 3rd of 2009.

Where can you find the Drew Brees t-shirt from the united way commercial?

I contacted and they said they will begin selling these shirts on the site soon. This has been a couple of weeks, but I would check in periodically.

Should I assume that it is final that my baby is dead since there is no heartbeat at 9 weeks?

Yes. I'm very sorry for your loss

How much is your paycheck biweekly 28500?

You have roughly 52 weeks in a year. 28500/52 is 548.10 approx per week. I assume you mean fortnightly as this is what actually means every 2 weeks. This is 1096.20 every 2 weeks. Or 274.04 per half week

You think your guinea pig is preg you have only had her for 3 weeks at first she was active and big towards the back of her on the sides but the past week she hasnt wanted to be picked up and isnt as?

The guinea pig would be between 4-6 weeks old when you brought her so that could make her up to 9 weeks preganent. Guinea pigs are preganent for 10 weeks so you should put her in a cae by herself with extra bedding and housing stuff so that she is comfortable and check her every day for babies. Don't do too much active things with her.

A school conducts 27 tests in 36 weeks. Assume the school conducts tests at a constant rate. What is the slope of the line that represents the number of tests on the y-axis and the time in weeks on th?

The slope is 3/4.

Long distance boyfriend hasn't contacted me in four weeks I love him but he won't talk anymore should I stop contacting him?

yes you should contact him and find out with him he might be having an affair with you now or dont now

How much is improper lane change ticket in Georgia?

Mine was $130. I assume it depends on the municipality. I assume you're asking this question because you keep calling but they don't have any information and tell you to call back in 2 weeks, which you do, but they then tell you to wait 2 more weeks. It took them about 2 months to finally process and assess the fine. Keep calling, you'll eventually get your answer. If not, I'm sure you can get it thrown out.