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Check to see if there is a leak in it. You can do this by taking the cover of the pool and marking the water level, then take a bucket of water mark the level on it. place the bucket next to the pool and leave it there for a few days. if the level in the pool drops the same as the level in the bucket then the reduction of water is the result of evaporation. however if the level in the pool drops more then the level in the bucket you are loosing water somewhere.

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What is fiberglass grating?

Fiberglass grating is made to look similar to metal grates in industral use, but since it is made of fiberglass it is corrosion and impact resistant. Fiberglass grating has low electric and heat conductivity and can be made strong enough for fork lifts or even trucks to travel over.

Is it safe to be in a car during lighting?

Yes and No, It IS safe to be in a car when there is lighting if it is metal since its a conductor but it is NOT safe inside a fiberglass car since it is an insulator.

Would duck and cover save you from a atomic bomb?

It could but most likely not since the heat from the bomb could basically burn through anything and late on in your life you could die from radiation.

What is 453 times 47 and show you the problem?

It is so very simple and quick to get the answer, especially since, if you need it, you can use the calculator that comes with your computer. But since you are obviously not able to do so, the answer is 21291.And I could not have got an answer without seeing the problem!

What would be the best way to fix a decorative reindeer?

Super glue or epoxy make the best Christmas repairs. Since reindeer are made of fiberglass the epoxy rebonds the fiberglass with one another. Super glue is another alternative.

You haven't had periods since you had your child?

if you did not had period since you had your baby one reason can be you could be having a baby again i think as once my aunt had the same problem go and have a check up.

What is vertex cover problem?

A vertex cover of a graph is a set of vertecies where every edge connects to at least one vertex in the set.As a concrete example, a student club where if any two students are friends, then at least one is in the club.Suppose the school has three students, A, B, and C. A and B are friends and A and C are friends, but B and C are not friends. One obvious vertex cover would be to have all the students in the club, {A.B.C}. Another would be just {B,C}. Another would be just {A}.{B} would not be a vertex cover, since A and C are friends, but neither is in the club.The optimal vertex cover is the smallest possible vertex cover. In the school friends example, {A} is the optimal vertex cover. In general, the opitmal vertex cover problem is NP-complete, which makes it a very difficult problem for large groups, and interesting problem in computer science.

Why do you keep dreaming about the same guy?

The only thing I could think of, since I'm having the same problem, is that you like him he must mean something to you if your subconconsious keep bringing if to you in your dreams. The only thing I could think of, since I'm having the same problem, is that you like him he must mean something to you if your subconconsious keep bringing if to you in your dreams.

Does olympicare cover egr valve?

Olympicare does not cover an EGR valve since it is a part that wears out.

How do you buy your girlfriend panties?

Find out what size she wears and go get some. you don't have to. you could go to JCPenney and show them the cover of the January Seventeen magazine cover and you get free panties!!!(for whoever) Answer Mail order! Since you're already online to ask this question, you can shop online and have them shipped straight to your door. But yes...get the size right )) Too small you could possibly talk your way out, no problem... buy too BIG and you're screwed! LOL Good Luck!

What is vince McMahon problem with RVD?

since when does vince have a problem with rvd?

Which company would provide insurance for a student who is going to have a reconstructive surgery?

Since you already know that you need surgery, I doubt that you will be able to find coverage to cover it. You could check your state's medicaid rules and see if they can cover the surgery.

Why is the earths atmosphere a problem for astronomers?

its a problem because when astronomers try to do research it has to be a perfectly clear night or else they cant see but if your in space since theres no atmosphere you could research all the time

What is the problem in code talker by Joseph bruchac?

The problem was that Ned Begay had to forget his culture. But really this story has no problem, so i would say that the problem was that Ned had to forget his culture and to never speak of it again. Hope it helped. And again there isnt really a problem in the story. Solution: the solution to the story was that since he joined the military group, he could once more talk in his own language and could remember his culture throughout his life.

What could be the problem with my 2000 Lincoln Ls V8 because it keeps overheating?

It's your temperature sensor. I had the same problem. Dealership couldn't determine the cause since their diagnostic equipment could only capture the problem while it was occurring and my car wouldn't cooperate. After $1500 down the drain I finally lucked into Ford mechanic who had seen (and fixed) the problem for several others. It was another $1000 to fix it but have had no problems since. My LS has almost 170,000 miles on it and runs like a dream. By the way, I don't know where you live but the Ford Dealership I had luck with is located in Gallipolis, OH. You could call them.

How do you fix a hole in the tip of a fishing rod?

That should not interfere with it's function. Since they are fiberglass, you could plug it with bondo. If you mean the loop at the end where the line passes through, if something is not available from a fishing supply stor you can use wire or similar to fabricate one.

Why should the average consumer find a fiberglass pool appealing?

Some advantages of fiberglass over other pool types include the quick installation since the pool is factory built. Also, they are easier to clean, use less chemicals and electricity for heating than concrete models.

Why do dogs cover up their waste product?

The dogs naturally cover their waste product since it is waste matter.

Why can't I remove the ignition key of 2006 Jeep Liberty while I you have if in Park and the key will not come out of the ignition?

I had same problem with my 2002 liberty. It was the park sensor. I had to turn on the key and put it in neutral then back to park to get the key out (might have to do it a couple of times). Once I did that I could get the key out. Then I had to remove the center console cover and found that the park sensor was loose. I tightened it up and haven't had a problem since. Hope this helps!

What hide is used since 1975 to cover baseballs?


Does medicare cover Supartz?

Since it is FDA approved, it probably does.

How long can it take for nuclear energy to reach the surface of the sun?

A very long time. It could theoretically take forever, since it's basically a random walk problem. To a first approximation, this is a O(N2) problem.

When did pole vault form change?

Pole-vaulting techniques have changed slowly since it was first introduced but it most dramatically was changed when the fiberglass pole was introduced.

Ive installed a cold air intake in your car and now it wont run right all it does is sit there and idles really rough What could you have done to cause this problem?

When did you install a cold air intake in my car and why? I don't know what I could have done to cause the problem since I did not install it. The problem is you have messed up the fuel-air ratio somehow.

Whats the problem when theres no spark coming from between your coil and your distributor on a 97 Plymouth voyager?

I will assume you have a 3.0ltr v6, since you stated distributer. The problem is coil wire or distributer cap or rotor button. Could be all three, assuming the coil is firing. I will assume you have a 3.0ltr v6, since you stated distributer. The problem is one or more of the following: coil wire, distributer cap, or rotor button. Could be all three, assuming the coil is firing.

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