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Yes, unless you can prove that it's not your money.


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Not as a part of the state guidelines, but possibly as a rebuttable presumption

yes Generally, no (unless the new husband is, say, Donald Trump). This is because the new husband isn't responsible for the child[ren].

Yes, law binds husband to support wife financially.

The Division of Child Support Enforcement provides child support enforcement in Arizona. It is a part of the Department of Economic Security and is funded by the state of Arizona along with the federal government.

Your ex-wife's husband has no obligation to pay child support. An ex husband, if a support order exists, can be turned over to the support enforcement department in your state. It is their job to collect.

The address of the Support Our Troops - Arizona Inc is: 5750 N Robson Blvd, Eloy, AZ 85131-3021

If the husband of my child's mom adopts her can she still file support from me?

You can find information about Arizona child support from the AZDES (Arizona Department of Economic Security) Government website. You can login to the site to manage your case.

"To use Oracle Support and access the support services you have to register your account. If you are already a customer, you use your customer ID to create an account."

Contact support. Call support.

Yes, if it's a joint account in both your names. No, if the account is only in your name, unless it can be proven that he makes deposits into that account.

Yes, the ex-husband is required to continue to pay child support for his own children.

Either no dog breed has the unique characteristics to gain support in Arizona or no Arizona Lobbyist has yet taken up that cause.

You won't have to pay it by writing a check or giving money to the mother. BUT, if she pursues the matter you can lose money from a joint bank account or through a lawsuit against your husband. She could also get a garnishment of his wage.

Are you asking if your previous husband ought to be legally responsible for supporting your children by your new husband?

if they are married the money should be shared, it is not his or hers, it is theirs, so the husband should technically support his wife

I suggest that you get in touch with your State's child support agency.

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