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My mom passed away and left a certificate of deposit the bank says it is invalid what are my options?

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2010-04-06 00:29:09

If the bank says that the CD has been closed out, then that is

likely true. Even if they cannot give you exact dates for the date

of closure, that may be due to it being an older transaction that

is not on their computer system anymore. Sometimes individuals

retain the actual certificate of deposit, however forget to dispose

of it after the account has been closed. Most banks no longer need

the certificate itself to close or renew CDs, which is why there

are sometimes expired certificates lying around in people's files.

If there is some reason why you believe that the certificate was

definitely open, then speak with a branch manager, district

manager, or president of the bank (in that order). Even in large

banks, they often have district or regional presidents, so don't be

afraid to ask to speak to the president of the bank. However, don't

be surprised if they continue to have the same answer, unless you

have some documentation or valid reason why you believe it is still

an open account.

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