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You can miss your period in several cases including pregnancy, stress, medication, illness, etc. Bloating and cramping are more typical for late period but not pregnancy. Pregnancy test will be recommended.

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I have my period and am very dizzy with other pregnancy symptoms - can I be pregnant?

There is a small chance you could be pregnant but with your period you can get dizzy, have cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, and feel like you are pregnant. The best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

Symptoms when pregnant?

Missed Period Headaches Tender Breasts Nausea Lower Backaches

Could you still be pregnant if you have taken two home pregnancy tests and the results are negative?

I am nascious my boobs hurt cramping in the belly backaches and headaches right now is that a true sign that i am pregnant. I just need to know does that mean I am pregnant.Answeryes if your period is late.

How might you know if your pregnant if its to early to tell?

Mood swings, and or cramping and bloating.

When does a girl know shes pregnant?

Well there are a few ways too no if you're pregnant, Missed periods, gaining weight, eating a lot, tenderness around your breast's, feeling sick, bloating, Nausea, morning sickness, headaches, backaches. The best way is to take a pregnancy test.

How will I know if i am pregnant without a test?

You can tell you're pregnant by: Tender breasts Missed period Nausea Cramps Fatigue Cravings Headaches/Backaches

Can cramping and headaches be signs of being pregnant?

Yes. But they can also be signs that your period is arriving soon

What are the signs that a woman is pregnant?

missed peroidbloatingvaginal dischargeBreast Sorenesslower back painheadaches

What are some of the early symptoms for a pregnant woman?

early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to period symptoms that it is so hard to tell. There is bloating, cramping, breast pain, and just "knowing" your pregnant

I have headaches and been a little bloated lately. is that a sign of pregnancy?

Well, those are some of the symptoms of being pregnant. Do you have any morning sickness, any headaches, and finally, have you had any bloating lately?

Could you be pregnant if you have had headaches and bloating for the last three to four days and have also been having unprotected sex with your partner and it's two weeks before your scheduled period?

You only get pregnant two weeks before a period so I doubt you are pregnant, the bloating and headaches may be from something you ate, have you been on a Chinese food jag? Alternatively, was your last period very light and short? If so it may have been an implantation bleed and you may be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have two weeks before your next menstrual cycle and you have been having unprotected sex with your partner and you are now experiencing headaches and bloating?

You will not have signs of pregnancy that early. Headaches and bloating are signs of a period on its way more than of pregnancy. But if you are having unprotected sex, you could be pregnant regardless. If you want this then good--if not use condoms no matter how much he protests because it's your body.

Why have you had 4 negative tests and stil feel pregnant?

hormones are powerful. they cause bloating, breast tenderness and swelling, nausea and headaches. try to relax. if the test says negative, you are not pregnant. joymaker rn

Could you be pregnant if you have been having bad headaches and cramping like you have gas period doesnt start till 2 weeks?

If you are having sex there is always a chance you could be pregnant. Cramping and headaches can be associated with ovulation which occurs approximatly 2 weeks before your next period or half way through your normal cycle. Asking your Physician is always important.

Is cramping normal at 7 weeks pregnant?

i am seven weeks pregnant and i have cramping everyday is it normal

Cramping nausea and headaches a few days after your period for about a week and a half could i be pregnant?

You CAN still get your "period" if your pregnant, but its not a real period. Its just spotting and Its completely normal... Id take the pregnancy test.

Im 5 dpo and noticed a little blood on my used toliet paper also light cramps and bloating could I be pregnant?

Yes, it is possible that you experienced implantation bleeding and cramping.

Here are my symptoms on and off nausea headaches and slight cramping could i be pregnant?

Sounds like PMS, but be sure to take a pregnancy test if you can. You can never be too sure.

What are the pregnant symptoms at 7 weeks?

Nausea, breast swelling / tenderness, headaches, minor cramping, fatigue. Some women have all the symptoms, some women have no symptoms.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill and got a much lighter period but are experiencing symptoms such as bloating and headaches?

Bloating and headaches and vaginal bleeding indicate a period or withdrawal bleeding, not pregnancy. The birth control pill normally makes the period lighter and shorter. If you missed pills, take a pregnancy test, but any amount of brown or red bleeding or spotting counts as a "period" on the pill.

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