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Lice, Ticks, BedBugs.

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Q: Name a parasite
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Scientific name of malaria parasite?

falcimodium parasite

What is the scientific name for parasite?


What is the name of a organism that is harmed by a parasite?

A Host

What is the name of the parasite in mosquitos saliva?


How is different name of parasite?

This no make a sense.

What is the name for an animal that lives in or on its food?


What is the name od the bacteria that kills fish?

The name of the bacteria is the parasite

What is the name of a ribbon-like parasite?


Name pesticide to kill parasites?

What kind of parasite?

What is the common name for Plasmodium Malariae?

Malarial parasite .

What is the name of a plant which grows on other plant?

a parasite

Scientific name for multicellular animal parasite?


What external parasite has a scientific name of Ctenocephalides?

A flea.

What is an animal that lives in another plant or animal and eats that plant or animal without killing it?

It has a technical name "Parasite".A parasite, such as a tapeworm.

What is the name for an organism that a parasite lives and feeds off?


What is the name of a parasite that hides inside human cells?


Why isn't a tumor a parasite?

A tumor is the name for a swelling or lesion formed by an abnormal growth of cells.A parasite is a separate organism in a symbiotic relationship.

Is a round worm a parasite?

A roundworm is a parasite (multicellular parasite).

Can herpes be a parasite?

No, it can not be a parasite.

Could you name a plant parasite?

cuscutta, rafflesia, mistletoe,etc

Is parasite and flea the same?

A lea is a parasite, but a parasite is not always a flea.

Are parasites asexually or sexually?

A parasite can produce asexually or sexually. The reproduction of the parasite depends on the type of parasite. The malarial parasite is a sexual and asexual reproducing parasite. A tapeworm buds to reproduce, making it an asexual parasite. A flea is a sexually producing parasite.

Is a cicada a parasite?

No. it is not a parasite, just a bug. It can fly.There are a two common types theres the green grover and the black prince . The cicadas name is cacama valvata

What is an obligatory parasite?

An obligatory parasite is a parasite which totally dependent on others for survival.

What is an intermittent parasite?

Intermittent Parasite is a parasite that visits and leaves the host at interval.