Snow and Ice

Name a word or term with snow in it?


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Snow mobile
Snow cone
Snow storm
Snow globe
Snow plow
Snow White
Snow day
Snow shoe
"Snowed in"

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"What is the name of a Inuit snow house?" The Inuit word for an Inuit snow house is Igluvigak.

Snow is a slang name for the drug cocaine

Snow as a term for the frozen rain was coined by British meteorologist Merriweather P. Snow in 1688, during his evening broadcast.

'Snow' and the word derived from sanscrit.

The Latin name for the snow leopard is nix pardus. The Italian word for this animal is leopardo delle nevi.

The word "yuki" is the Japanese word for snow.

Nevada takes its name from a Spanish word meaning snow-clad.

No, the word snow is not an adverb.The word snow is a noun and sometimes a verb.

Stormwater is a meteorological term for the water created from precipitation, particularly rain. This term can also be used to refer to snow when it melts.

The French word for snow is neige.

Snow has no root word. A root word is the form of a word after all affixes have been removed. Snow has no affixes. Snowing has an affix (-ing), so the root word of snowing is snow.

Another term for "first name" is "given name".

The word Himalaya comes from the Sanskrit word Hima meaning snow and alaya meaning abode , that is how the Himalayas got their name.

The snow leopard is a beautiful large cat that is native to the mountains of Central and South Asia. The Latin word (or Scientific name) for them is "Uncia uncia"

what is the native american-cherokee word for snow

The word "yuki" is the Japanese word for snow.

"Nevada" a Spanish word meaning snow-covered. that's why....

another word for rain and snow is Precipitation this means both rain and snow

Since the word 'term' is a common noun, you only capitalize it if at the start of a sentence or part of a name/title.

Her name is Snow White. She has no other name.

Snow is water. There is no pharmacological term for water.

Yes, the term is nickname.

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