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Q: Name an Arab tribe?
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What is head of an Arab tribe called?

The head of an Arab Tribe is a Sheikh (شيخ).

What is a leader of an Arab tribe called?

The leader of an Arab tribe is call a shaikh or sheikh.

Who is khaskheli tribe?

khaskheli tribe is balouch or samma or arab

A lesser Arab tribal chief is called?

The head of an Arab Tribe is called a Sheikh.

Each arab tribe had its own what or leader?


What is the name of a priest of Islam?

sheikh (شيخ)ANSWER 2:"Sheikh" is the title of an Arab chief of a tribe or village. Imam is the word for an Islamic clergyman.

What tribe did muhammed belong too?

Quraish. A noble tribe in Makkah and well respected among the Arab tribes.

Is the head of an Arab Tribe called a 'vizier'?

No. A Vizier is a Turkish pronunciation of the Arabic Word Wazir (وزير) which means governor or minister (in the British government sense). The head of an Arab Tribe is a Sheikh (شيخ).

What is the name of an Arab chieftain?

An Arab chieftain is an emir.

What is the name of Jacobs tribe?

The name of Jacob Black's tribe is the Quileute tribe.

Is Arab a common Iranian last name?

No. Arab is not a common Iranian last name.

Who is darod?

Darod was an Arab and claim/is to be a desendent of banu hashim the tribe of prophet Muhammad

What alternatives does Mohammed offer to the leader of the Christian Arab tribe?

Believing or paying tribute

Which Arab countries fought in the Arab-Israeli Wars?

Since there are a number of different Arab-Israeli Wars, there are different belligerents in each of them. See the List Below.This list is not exhaustive.Arab-Israeli War of 1947-1949Neutral Name: Arab-Israeli War of 1948Israeli Name: Israeli War of IndependenceArab Name: Nakba (Great Catastrophe)Arab Belligerents: Palestinian Militant Groups (Holy War Army and the Arab Liberation Army), Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and regiments from Saudi Arabia and YemenArab-Israeli War of 1956 Neutral Name: Suez CrisisIsraeli Name: Sinai WarArab Name: The War of Tripartite AggressionArab Belligerents: Egypt, Palestinian Militant Groups (Fedayeen)Arab-Israeli War of 1967 Neutral Name, Israeli Name, and Arab Name: Six-Day WarArab Belligerents: Egypt, Jordan, and SyriaArab-Israeli War of 1967-1970 Neutral Name, Israeli Name, and Arab Name: War of AttritionArab Belligerents: EgyptBattle of Karameh of 1968 Neutral Name, Israeli Name, and Arab Name: Battle of KaramehArab Belligerents: Palestinian Liberation Organization and JordanArab-Israeli War of 1973 Neutral Name: Arab-Israeli War of 1973Israeli Name: Yom Kippur WarArab Name: Ramadan War, October WarArab Belligerents: Egypt and SyriaLebanese Civil War 1975-1982 (Israeli involvement from 1981-1982) Neutral Name: Lebanese Civil WarIsraeli Name: First Lebanon WarArab Name: Lebanese Civil WarArab Belligerents: Lebanese Sunni Militias, Lebanese Shiite Militias, Syria, Palestinian Liberation Organization, Lebanese Christian Falangists (Israeli Allies)Palestinian Intifadas (Uprisings) of 1987-1993 and 2000-2005 Neutral Name, Israeli Name, and Arab Name: First & Second IntifadasArab Belligerents: Palestinian Militant Groups (PLO, Hamas, al-Aqsa Martyrs, Islamic Jihad, etc.)2006 Lebanon War Neutral Name: 2006 Lebanon War, Israel-Hezbollah WarIsraeli Name: Second Lebanon War, War with HezbollahArab Name: July War, Israeli-Invasion of LebanonArab Belligerents: HezbollahGazan War of 2008-2009 Neutral Name: Gazan War of 2008-2009Israeli Name: Operation Cast LeadArab Name: Gaza MassacreArab Belligerents: HamasGazan War of 2012 Neutral Name: Gazan War of 2012Israeli Name: Operation Pillar of Cloud/Pillar of DefenseArab Name: Operation Stones of ShaleArab Belligerents: HamasGazan War of 2014 Neutral Name: Gazan War of 2014Israeli Name: Operation Protective EdgeArab Name: None knownArab Belligerents: Hamas

What were Miami Indians tribe name?

Myaaia is the tribe name

What is the name of the 1948 Arab and Israeli war?

There are several names for it. The neutral name is the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. The Israeli name for is the Israeli Independence War. The Arab name for it is the Nakba or Great Catastrophe.

by name burj al arab transport llc?

by name burj al arab transport llc

What is the name of the full Arab garb worn by Arab women?


What is the caddos tribe name?

The caddo tribe

Where can an Arab lounge be found?

There is no product currently named "Arab Lounge". However Arab Lounge is the name of a dating website that specializes in the matching of Arab individuals.

What was economic conditions of Arab before Islam?

economic condition of Arabia was very bad there were tribe system

What does the name Hussein mean in Hebrew?

its an Arab name

Was prophet mohammed born a Jew?

No. Muhammad was born in a henotheist Arab tribe, but Islamic tradition holds that he was never "corrupted" into that way of thinking and sought out the Hanifs, an Arab monotheist religion.

In twilight what is the name of Jacobs tribe?

Quillete Tribe

What is the name of a tribe in the Sahara desert?

Tuareg Tribe. :)