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What were the three basic social groups in medieval society?

The three basic social groups in medieval society were nobles, the clergy, and peasants. This is also the order in which group is over which.

What is social statics and dynamics according to Auguste Comte?

social static focuses on how order is maintain in the soicety and social dynamic focuses on how society change over time.

The notion that only the fittest members of society deserve to survive and that social programs to help the poor will ultimately weaken the social order is a doctrine known as?

Social welFare

How did thinkers during the Age of Reason challenge the social order?

Calling for a just society based on reason

Define social protest?

Social protest refers to the use of words in order to express an opinion. It is often used when voicing an opinion against a relevant social matter or a person in society.

What did southern men need in order to achieve high social standing and success in the world of politics?

An honorable reputation

Thinkers during the age of reason challenged the established social order by?

Calling for a just society based on reason

Which sociological perspective generalizes about everyday forms of social interaction in order to understand society as a whole?

functionalist perspective

The willingness of people to hand over their rights to a ruler in exchange for law and order in society was called the?

Social Contract .

How did thinkers during the age of reason challenge the established social order?

Calling for a just society based on reason

What is social change and corporate choice?

Social change is an alteration in the social order of a society. Social change may include changes in nature, social institutions, social behaviours, or social relations. Corporate choice is when you pick a business decision in a corporation in which you work, or when you choose in which corporation you want to work (or get a job).

The more or less consistent set of values that are reflected in the political economic social and moral order of society are called?


How did stalins change in agriculture lead to a famine?

He destroyed the old social order and Party members became the heads of society.

How were small farmers regarded in Greek society?

they were second in the greek social order. under aristocrats but above merchants and artisans.

What is a mesopotamian social pyramid?

A social pyramid depicts how the people of a society have their role accoridng to their power of influence in said society. This is a generality of the society to mek it easier by grouping people into classes in order to further give deatail about them using general terms. The Mesopotamian one is one of three main catagories

How did Buddhism response to the social order Hinduism placed on Indian society?

Hinduism was the backbone of Indian soceity. Than after Buddhism was founded by Lord Buddha and changed the path of Indian society.

What led to the emergence of more defined social ranking?

In order to determine who does what. In other words, to establish the division of labor in a society.

Describe how economic pressures may play role in maintaining social order?

the need to work... low wages means low possessions

What are the achievements of Feudal Japan?

They built up a great military to defeat other countries. They brought peace and social order to the society and families.

What functions does law serve in your society?

Maintains social controlProtects public orderTo resolve disputesProtects certainty of systemsFacilitates orderly changeBrings out justice in societyOutlines what the government can do and what it can not do

How can society affect an individual?

Back when I was taking the course "Social Environment" I was taught that society shapes who a person is. There is the theory of "survival of the fittest" where only the strong survive. In order to be considered the strong an individual must learn to adapt to his/her society in order to be an active member of said society. It might change the way the individual thinks or acts or even what they eat. Most individuals also succumb to the culture of the society they live in.

What is Just and dynamic social order?

what is just and dynamic social order

What is social model of disabilty?

The social model of disability is a reaction to the dominant medical model of disability which in itself is a functional analysis of the body as machine to be fixed in order to conform with normative values. The social model of disability identifies systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society (purposely or inadvertently) that mean society is the main contributory factor in disabling people.

What is social justice as part of social order?

Social Justice generally refers to justice being practiced in a society without question of race, colour or wealth. IN a Social order their needs to be stability for the social order to exist. For example, the UNited States has lasted over 226 years as a nation because of the institutions which protect social justice within the social order. Those who are a different color , or race or are poor, have access to social justice (fair court system, social assistance in the form of welfare if necessary for example) and this has been codified (made legal) in the system by laws which have become part of the institutions (legal expectations for example) over the years. Those countries or situations (for example, slavery was against social justice) which work against providing proper fair social justice have difficulty maintaining the social order, and frequently, in history, have met with rebellion or revolution on occasion. Now, the fact that there is social justice which contributes to the existing and future social order DOESN't mean everyone is happy or agrees. IN fact, as part of a functioning democracy, the people often disagree as to whether the social order is being properly served by the existing social justice in the country. Be that as it may, the society which is able to be flexible enough to both allow protest and at the same time have an existing and well functioning social justice system which allows such protest, is one which has shown the stability necessary to function within a democratic social order. The UNited States, Canada, Great Britain, and several others, are examples of nations which have instituted social order within a successful social justice paradigm (structure or access to rights under the law).

What impact has technology made to society considering the merits and demerits of technology?

Society is the application of technology and order in a social system. Because of the loose definition of technology, you could consider anything from an electron microscope to a chainsaw technology. You figure out the impact of the wheel on society.