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The blind shrimp, and the gobi fish.

See Wikipedia, Symbiosis, for more on animals that need each other!

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my freind miley and pandas any kind

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Q: Name any two animals that depend on each other for survival?
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What animals depend on plants for food shelter and protections?

name two animals that depend on plants for food?

Why are animals dependent on other animals?

well, there are many ways why animals should depend on each other. #1. Because they need food without that they will not be able to survive. #2. some animals depend on animals for hygene such as the hippo, the hippo has a bird name the egrets that eats and takes all the germs and insect that rests on the hippos back for the hippo can be clean ,also the crocodile and the plover. #3.we also are animals and we count on our dogs and other fellow animals to protect us. so protection, food , hygene are why animals depend on each other

Where are marine ecosystems found?

An ecosystem is just a name for any collection of animals and plants which co exist in a balance and depend on one another for survival. Marine ecosystems occur anywhere in water...

Name three animals that use camouflage as a means of survival?

The Chameleon, the Pheasants, and the Birds.

What is the name for animals living on the surface of other animals?


Another name for animals that eat other animals?


What is another name for an animal that hunts other animals?

Predators hunt other animals.

What is the name for a species that influences on the survival of many other species in your ecosystem?


What is the name of the game when it comes to survival?

The name of the game is struggle for survival.

What other name is their for birds?

flying animals

What do the animals in antarctica depend for food like whales seals and penguins?

Antarctica is a continent and the animals you name are sea animals. They eat their food from the food chain in the Southern Ocean.

Can you name an animal in an animal?

Parasites are animals that live inside other animals.

What is the name of animals that eat animals?

Carnivores are animals that eat meat but predators are animals who actually kill other animals and eat them.

What is a name for an animal that preys on other animals?

A predator.

Name three things animals defend from other animals?

Territory, offspring, and mates.

What is a name for animals who only eat other animals?

Carnivores are animals who eat other animals. Herbivores are animals who eat only plants. And Omnivores are animals who eat both plants and animals(most humans are omnivores).

Name the animals that are scavengers?

Scavengers are animals that eat other animals they didn't kill themselves. Like vultures and hyenas, they eat other animals kills and animals that died of natural causes.

What is the general name for animals that feed on other animals?

those animals are generally called predators or carnivores (carnivorous)

What is collective noun for a group of animals?

That would depend on the species of animals, the group name can change with the animal species in question. Your question therefore needs to be more specific.

Name of animals who eat other animals?

carnivores, such as: tigers, dogs, cats, lions, and humans.

What is the name of a animal which eats other animals?

a predator or carnivore

What is the name of an animal that hunts other animals and eats them?


How did the homo sapiens depend on animals?

Because they were raised by them or something like that ........

Can you name me all the animals that are scavengers?

Some are wolves,foxes,turkey vultures,coyoties,and other animals.

What is the difference between a heard of animals and a group of animals?

a herd is just another name for a group of animals, a more scientific name. other types are flocks, crashes, etc.