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Q: Name good trichology centers in mumbai?
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What is Hindi name of saw palmetto berries?

Saw palmetto is not native to India so no Hindi name. it is a berry that grows in California. In India good quality saw palmetto supplements are available with Revital Trichology in Mumbai, bandra. I have myself seen results with their supplement. They can also get it delivered to you address if you ask. you can contact them at 022-26419022/ 09322681717 or visit

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Is this really a good acting school in Mumbai

Yes, it is indeed a good acting school in mumbai

What is Bioroot Anti Hairloss Therapy?

I dont know much about Bio root Anti Hairloss Theraphy..however if you are looking for a Trichologist in mumbai ...who can help sort out your Hair Loss Problems and Hair Transplant as well..Dr Rekha Yadav is very good, i think her clinic is by the name Revital Trichology and is at Bandra that is western suburbs, i had some very good experience so can tell confidently, cause before approaching I always thought nothing works.. ;)

Which is best college in Mumbai for Mca?

There are plenty of Good MCA colleges in Mumbai, But I know about this college only...Mumbai Education Trust's Institute Of Computer Science, Mumbai

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Working on an MBA at either Mumbai University or Narsee Monjee are good options. However, Mumbai University has a slightly better distance program.

Why is Mumbai so populated?

cos it has good supplies, and good jobs

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Yes, Mumbai lifestyle is balanced. Entertainment plus work keeps you in good health.

Is NIE Mumbai is a fraud?

nie good institute

Which place in India has had the most rainfall?

Its "Chiranphnji" well my answer is cherrapunji and the next will be mumbai Mumbai, you must be kidding, Mumbai receives good rain, but not even in Top20 cities. Of course, Mumbai traffic & road sucks while it rains.

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Sachin Tendulkar studied at Indian Education Society, Mumbai earlier. Later he moved to Shardhashram Vidyamandir, Mumbai on the advice of his coach. He moved because the later school had a good school cricket team.

Authorised medical centers in Mumbai for Yellow fever vaccine?

hi.... i once got the yellow fever vaccine in mumbai at the sea farers union..i hope they're still giving those vaccines !!the address isNational Union of Seafarers of India, The Maritime Union of IndiaNUSI Bhavan, 4, Goa Street, Udyog Bhavan, 4 Floor,thBallard Estate, 29 Walchand Hirachand Marg,Mumbai- 400 001. Ballard Estate, Mumbai- 400001Tel: 22618368 / 9,good luck !!

Where can you find a good library in or around Borivali Mumbai?

Gyan Vihar Library, Prabhodhan Thackrey Hall, Borivali West, Mumbai

Is there good shopping centers in Berlin?


Iit coaching institute of yukti in mumbai?

Yukti coaching classes have started their coaching recently in Mumbai. They are not that famous and do not hold good records.

The names of some good beauty saloons in Mumbai?

good beauty salons in mumbai are: Lakme, kaya skin clinic and also you may find several local salons which are good too. But I will suggest Lakme and Kaya if you willing to spend a good buck.

Which course in Mumbai is good for improving communication skills and presentation skills?

Ravi Shyam at Media Training Worldwide India is my colleague in Mumbai and he can help you there.

Where is the priyanka chopra house?

Priyanka chopra currently lives in mumbai. Bandra is the area in mumbai where she has her house. She has done various good bollywood movies.

What are the ratings and certificates for Mumbai Calling - 2007 Good Sellers 1-3?

Mumbai Calling - 2007 Good Sellers 1-3 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Netherlands:AL

Tell me some good and professional cricket coaching academies in Mumbai Maharashtra India?

Hi,Below find few of the best cricket coaching academies, professional cricket coaches, coaching centers in Mumbai…MIG Cricket ClubAll India Balkanji BariSP Group Cricket AcademyVR SportsElf Vengsarkar AcademyIf you are still looking for more Cricket Coaching & Training Academies in Mumbai, visit, the best online sports portal I've come across.

What are some cities with good trauma centers?

All trauma centers are "good." Trauma centers are verified and rated by the American College of Surgeons and must meet very specific requirements. This site has a list of verified trauma centers with information about the level of each one and specialties.

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crude liquid chemicals and petroleum

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Ask your friends or relatives to recommend a place

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Some good names for game centers could be Fun Village, Play Your Heart Out, and The Gamers' Gathering Place. Be sure to pick a name that is not already in use.