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ajay maken

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Q: Name of sports minister of India?
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Name the sports minister of India 2010?


Who is the New sports minister of India 2013?

sport minister of india 2013 is Mr. AJAY MAKEN

What is the name of player who being a sports minister?

Pele is a sports Minister in Brazil.

What is the name of Uganda's State Minister for Sports?

The name of Uganda's State Minister for Sports is Charles Bakabulindi.

Who is the present sports minister of India?

new sports minister of India is Ajay Maken...he replaced manohar singh gill

Who is the present director general of Sports Authority of India?

There is no sports president in India. The sports minister of India is Mr. MS Gill

Who is the sports minister of central government in india 2013?

Mr.Ajay Maken

What is the currently name of education minister of India?

The education minister of India currently is Dr. Pranav Mukherjee.

Name of education minister of India 2010?

Mr. Kapil Sibal is the Education Minister of India in 2010.

Who is current central sports minister of India?

Mani Shankar Aiyar

Who is the current khel mantri in India?

Ajay Maken is India's new sports minister up to 22 sep 2011

What is full name of defence minister of India?

A.K Antony is the defence minister of india.