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their rooms

their teeth

their hands

behind their ears

their plates

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Q: Name something that parents are always telling their kids to clean?
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How can you surprise your parents?

Clean the house or cook them something

What is something parents want their kids to do in their room?

keep it clean and tidy

How do you get your parents to let you play M rated games?

Say something like I'll clean the dish or something

What if you lose something?

come clean and tell someone like your, teacher, parents, or a guardian

How do you stop your parents from telling you to clean your room?

By cleaning your room. You have to realize that, while it is your room, it's only your room temporarily, and it's in THEIR house.

Name something parents always seem to have to remind their kids to do?

Family Feud clean room brush teeth homework wash hands pick up clothes make bed take out trash

why do parents tell you to do something then you do it and they say its still not clean like their trying to make you mad?

Yes they are doing

How do you support an individual to develop and improve personal hygiene routines?

by telling them to always wash hands after using toilet and to keep their surroundings clean

How do you support individuals to develop and improve personal hygiene routine's?

by telling them to always wash hands after using toilet and to keep their surroundings clean

How do you get them to clean up after a meal in virtual families?

I have always wanted to do this but it's very hard. Every time they do it its without me telling them to. They will just do it on their own.

How do you get your 11 yr old clean her room?

You can just tell her to clean her room or you will do it. And that all her stuff will be in the trash if she doesn't clean her room herself.Or you could bribe her, as many parents do, to get her in the habit. Eventually she will want to tidy things up so that important things aren't misplaced or lost.From 13 Year OldLike me, you may have trouble keeping your room clean. Be careful if you switch to the bribe, telling her "if you clean your room, than I'll let you go to this party" or something like that. Girls my age (including me) should obey our parents in every situation, but of course we don't.

How do you clean you room when you don't want to my parents keep telling me to and i don't want to?

Just do a little every day and it will remain tidy. Also if you do clean your room without being asked to all the time you may find that you will be seen more responsible and earn more respect from your parents!

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