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lay down, make love, stand up, fit more people, haul stuff, watch tv

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Q: Name something you can do in a van that you can't do in a sports car?
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tv car tools lingerie sports tickets

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One who is referred to as eponymous is someone that gives their name to something. i.e. the name of a car manufacturer or sports team, Ford, Ferrari or Brawn (F1)

What is another name for a fast car?

Sports car a big ticket

Name something you can do during a car trip that you cant do during a plane ride?

pit stop, smoke, drive, talk on phone, sing

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No. But there is a luxury car by the name of Roles Royce Ghost that is not considered to be a sports car but is still very powerful.

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If you cant spell your name right then you have no business owning or driving a car

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no you cant sign it its in her name. she can sign it over to you or she can add your name to the title but no u cant sign it because its not in your name.

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u cant

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It depends on what kind of car you have. If you have a huge hummer or semi, you probably can. But if you have a Harley, no you cant.

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The gallardo is a sports car, if you want a luxury car go for something like a Mercedes cl-class amg.

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The Italian sports car whose two-part name has Romeo as the last part is Alfa Romeo.