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Name the states in America that start with the letter s?


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South Carolina and South Dakota are U.S. states. They begin with the letter S.

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Durango is a state in Mexico. Delaware is a state in the U.S.

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Four U.S. states start with the letter A. They are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas.

Confederate States of America was the name of the government for the states that seceded from the United States. Chickamauga, Georgia was the site of a battle during the Civil War.

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Alabama and Alaska are U.S. states. Arkansas and Arizona also are U.S. states.

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There are two. South Dakota and South Carolina

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Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States. His name begins with the letter A.

Illinois has a central location within the United States of America. Its name begins with the letter 'I'. Additionally, it's flanked on the west by Iowa, and on the east by Indiana.

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Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas are states in the USA. Other states in North America include Aguascalientes in Mexico.

America starts with a capitol letter because it us a proper noun. It is the name of a country so it has to have a capitol like the name of a person. Even if you were to write the name of a state,city or town, you would have to capitolize that too.

The letter Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any of the states in the United States.

The formal name of the US is the United States. It is also called the United States of America or just America.

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