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Two state capitals that have United States Presidents in their name are Jefferson City, MO and Lincoln, NE. Madison, WI and Jackson, MS are two more capitals named for Presidents.

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So isn't it 4 state capitals instead of 2?

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Q: Name two state capitals that contain a name of a US President?
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What is Oklahoma's state capital?

Oklahoma City, also the largest city. Oklahoma City and Indianapolis are the only State Capitals to contain the name of the States they belong to.

When do you capitilize president?

You use capitals when a name is added.

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Name five state capitals that have two or more words in their name?

Deserts countries and their capitals

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Which capitals name is made up of 3 words?

state capitals? I think Salt Lake City is the only one.

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Which state capital is reflected in the state name?

There are two state capitals that fit this description:Oklahoma has Oklahoma CityIndiana has Indianapolis.

Name 2 state capitals with 3 words in their names?

saltlake city

How many US state capitals include their state's name?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

State capital in midwest with state name in it?

There are two state capitals that fit this description:Indianapolis is the capital of IndianaOklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma

What is a state that is a president's name?

Washington State