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What state capitals name is Richmond?

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What are the state capitals of Idaho and Virginia?

The state capital of Idaho is Boise. The state capital of Virginia is Richmond. Richmond has been the capital since 1871.

What US state capitals start with the letter R?

There are two US state capitals that begin with R. They are Raleigh, NC and Richmond, VA.

Which state capitals begin with r?

Richmond (Virginia) Raleigh (North Carolina)

How many state capitals have two words in their name?

8 State Capitals Have 2 Words In Their Name

What the name of Richmond is the capital of this state?

Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How many US state capitals start with the letter R?

There are 2 US state captals that begin with R. They are Raleigh, NC and Richmond, VA.

What was Final Jeopardy for November 6 2009?

STATE CAPITALSIt's the only 3-word state capitalSalt Lake Citystate capitalsthe planets or state capitalsState capitolsstate capitalsState Capitalsstate capitolsState CapitalsThe final Category on November 6 2009 is State Capitalsstate capitals

What state capital has an expensive name?


What are some state capitals that begin with the letter R?

Raleigh is the capital city in North Carolina. Richmond is the capital city in Virginia.

Name two state capitals that contain a name of a US President?

Two state capitals that have United States Presidents in their name are Jefferson City, MO and Lincoln, NE. Madison, WI and Jackson, MS are two more capitals named for Presidents.

What are the confederate states and their capitals?

Well I know that it is Richmond for Virginia.

What ten letter capitol of America starts with R?

American state capitals that begin with "R" are Raleigh and Richmond; neither has ten letters.

Who were the name of the men who discovered America that are state capitals?


What southeastern state has a capital name Richmond?


Which southeastern state has a capital name richmond?


What US state have a capital name Richmond?


Which capitals name is made up of 3 words?

state capitals? I think Salt Lake City is the only one.

What southern western state capital has a name Richmond?


Which state capitals include the state's name?

Oklahoma City is the only US state capital that includes the state's name.

Name five state capitals that have two or more words in their names?

Deserts countries and their capitals

What were the capital States of the confederate states of America?

For the majority of its existence, the capital of the CSA was Richmond, Virginia. The state capitals of the Confederacy were the same as they are presently in those states.

How many state capitals are there in the US?

There are 50 state capitals in the US.

In the civil war what were the capitals in the north and the south?

Washington and Richmond, respectively.

How many state Capitals with same name?

The nearest is Oklahoma City in Oklahoma.

Name 2 state capitals with 3 words in their names?

saltlake city

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