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its a quot from epictetus and it means we as humans can process words that are said much faster than we can say them

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Why is the tongue so important?

Tongue is important to speak.without tongue no one can speak.

Why tongue is important?

AnswerTongue is important because without tongue you can't speak. tongue is used to taste food.

Does an eel have a tongue?

Of course they do. If they didn't have a tongue, they wouldn't be able to speak.

Can you sing without a tongue?

no, without a tongue you cannot even speak

What structure enables you to speak?

The Tongue

How do you speak Chinese?

with your tongue ;p

What has a tongue but can not speak?

Shoes. Sneakers.

What is the mother tongue in Panama City?

Spanish is the mother tongue but many do speak English.

How do natives speak?

Natives speak in their own tongue, whether it is English or dialect

What do you use when you speak?

You use your mouth, tongue.

How does a Bible dragon speak?

with a sharp tongue

What has a tongue but cannot speak?


If you split a crows tongue will it speak?

No; you don't need to split a crow's tongue to enable it to speak. The imitation sounds that crows make come from their throat.

How does the tongue help us to speak?

The tongue is concerned in speech. By assuming different positions in the mouth it alters the shape of the air passage through which pass the sounds made by the vocal cords. For example, if in the middle of saying "a ... a ...ah" the tip of the tongue is placed behind the upper teeth the sound immediately changes to "l".

Is tongue rolling recessive?

If you are asking whether or not tongue rolling is recessive trait, the answer is no. Tongue rolling is dependent on nurture, rather than nature. In many languages, tongue rolling is used to pronounce words correctly. It is a learned behavior rather than an inherited trait or gene. This is not the case when using the English language (which I will assume you speak because the question was asked in English).

What does it mean to hold your tongue?

To not speak. To remain silent.

Why is the tongue important to the human body?

Because you need the tongue to speak/talk and also taste your food.

What is Canadians most fluent language spoken?

According to the Canadian 2006 census, about 78% of Canadians speak English as their mother tongue, and about 20% speak French as their mother tongue.

What does Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so you could hear twice as much as you speak mean?

It means just that; you should listen more than you should speak. Hearing is more important than speaking, and when you are speaking, do it carefully.

What is the best translation of the English idiom tongue in cheek into Spanish?

To speak with tongue in cheek = Hablar con sorna

How many people wish they could be driven in a car by Jeremy clarkson?

If you are looking for sane people I believe the answer is 0, I cannot speak to the nature of others

What is the mother tongue of a child whose parents speak only English though they are not Europeans or Americans?

The 'mother tongue' of the child - would be whatever language they have been taught to speak from birth.

How many people speak Sanskrit as their mother tongue in India?

Not a mother tongue since it evolved only as literary Language

What does it mean to speak in tongue?

"To speak in tongues" refers to a story in the Bible, where the believers started to spontaneously speak in languages they hadn't known before.

Does The Little Mermaid speak?

Yes, the Little Mermaid can talk only if she hasn't given her voice, as in the 1989 animated film, or her tongue, as in the original fairy tale, over to the sea witch.