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To build your credit history you just need to get a credit card and make purchases with it and pay it off. They offer bad credit credit cards for people who are just starting out, you can call Visa, or MasterCard.

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Where can I find out my business credit history?

In order to find out your business credit history, you must talk to someone at your local bank, credit union, or perhaps call your credit card company and ask to speak with someone who could help.

Where can I find out more information on my credit score history?

There are multiple websites that can calculate your credit score history. For example, freecreditreport.com. You could also ask you bank or credit union.

How is credit history check useful?

"A credit history check would be useful if you were trying to buy a house or a car, or obtain a loan. You could check your credit first, and if there were problems you could pay them off before applying for loans."

What type of merchant accounts could someone open with bad credit?

Someone with bad credit could open a merchant account with their bank, provided that their bank offers merchant accounts. Additionally, someone with bad credit could open a merchant account overseas, as overseas merchant processors don't typically pull credit reports.

Where could someone in need of a loan but with bad credit obtain finance?

There are a few ways that someone with bad credit can obtain finance, The first is to use a home equity line of credit and you could also apply to credit unions or receive a peer to peer loan.

How many years could someone get for fraud on a credit card that was only 200 hundred dollars?

how many yrs could someone face in jail for fraud a credit card that someone only spent 200 dollars

Can you rent if you have no credit?

Yes, you can rent if you have no credit history. However, securing rental accommodation could be difficult and the rental rate could be higher than normal.

What is your APR with no credit?

If you have no credit record, chances are that your APR on a loan will be higher than what would be charged to those who have stable credit ratings. The reason for this is because without any credit history, you could be considered "high risk" ... granted one cannot get credit history without having credit, but the credit determination is often black and white - you either fall into one category or the other - there are no gray areas when dealing with credit or credit history.

You can not get bonded?

If you're asking why someone may not be bondable, it could be due to credit history or lack of a credit history, insufficient liquidity (cash or assets easily convertible to cash) to back up the bond. Bonds are not insurance, they are a promise to pay on your behalf - with the understanding that you will immediately pay the bond company back.

If you have little or no credit history can you get a vehicle?

Perhaps only if someone will cosign on the loan. The way to build up your credit history is to always pay your utility bills and rent on time. One little black mark will affect your history for up to 7 years. With the economy in trouble as it is, it now becomes harder than ever for first time buyers to get credit, and even if they do, it is usually at an obnoxious high rate. Credit history also looks at your assets as well as your liabilities - if there is an extreme off balance, meaning you owe more than you could ever pay off in your lifetime, then your credit rating will remain very low and you could be considered being a extreme risk for any loans or credit.

Reasons to Check Your Credit History Report?

Since banks rely so heavily on a borrower�s credit score, it is important that you check your credit history report on at least a semi-annual basis. � When checking your credit history report there are several thing that you should look out for.� One of the most important is to ensure that all of the accounts opened are legitimate.� While it is possible that an account could have been added to your report erroneously, there is a chance that the account could be a sign that someone stole your identity.� Because of this you should call the creditor immediately to have the account closed.�

Do credit card companies only approve credit limits that an individual is able to afford?

Credit limits are set by your lender who can change your credit limit depending on your payment history, usage and a number of other factors. They will make reasonable choices when setting or amending your credit limit and would certainly avoid giving someone a credit limit they believe the individual could not reasonably afford.

Can someone use your credit card at a ATM?

They could use it if they have your PIN number.

Why is my corporate business credit card not working?

It could be that your business has reached its credit limit for the month. It could also be that someone using the business credit card is buying something not business related and the credit card company has stopped the card temporarily.

Can someone pay you by transferring funds from their credit card to yours?

They cannot transfer funds from their credit card but they could make a check or cash payment to your credit card.

If someone with good credit cosigns for someone with bad credit will the cosigner's score decrease much?

That is a variable, it could put you in a maxed out situation where you couldn't get a loan for yourself. You only have so much credit to use. Good Luck

Where can one get an adverse credit secured loan?

One could get an adverse credit secured loan by doing a Search on the Internet to gain access to this information depending on their personal credit history.

Why is good to have credit?

If you ever plan on borrowing money for anything, especially significant purchases like a car loan or a home mortgage, you'll want a good credit history to show your credit worthiness. Even renting an apartment or qualifying for student loans could rely upon your credit history.

What does your credit start at?

Varies according to your debt worthiness and other factors relating to your personal credit history. Could be a couple hundred dollars or several thousand.

Where online can someone find their credit score?

One could find the credit score online, on such websites as: My Credit Rating, Equifax, Annual Credit Report, Privacy Guard, Money Extra and Check my File.

Where could one get a loan if they have a poor credit score?

There are lots of places where someone can get a loan if he has a poor credit score. Some of these places are Spring Finance, Blemain Finance and Midland Credit.

How can one obtain a remortgage in the UK if one has a bad credit history?

There are many places where one could obtain a remortgage in the UK if one has a bad credit history. These places include Guardian, Nationwide, and the Remortgage Specialist.

What is a history teacher?

A history teacher is someone that teaches you about history. For example they could teach you about the war or past Kings and Queens :) Hope I helped

How do you discreetly get diapers?

You could buy them on the Internet if you have a credit card and have them delivered to your house, or if you don't you could ask someone you trust to buy them.

How do you apply for a loan if you have insufficient credit history?

A bank will use various criteria to ascertain whether you are a good risk to lend money to. Your credit history should not be described as insufficient. It is an historic picture of your past credit situation. You cannot change this. Apply for a loan only if you feel you have a good chance of being successful, because the result of the loan application could be shared with other lenders. Speak to someone first before applying.

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