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Answer If you know for sure that your new bf is cheating then perhaps it's time to drop him and find another boyfriend, who needs the hassel of a guy who lies from the seat of his pants.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-05 06:48:50
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Q: New boyfriend cheating but denies it?
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Is my boyfriend cheating on me when I touched his penis and after I smelled my hand and it smelled like the odor of sex condom and vagina?

* You must have a nose like a Blood Hound! If you feel it necessary to check up on your boyfriend in this way then you already have a good idea he may be cheating so face him about it and ask if he is. If he denies it then you have two options: You can accept that he isn't or you can have a girlfriend go with you and follow where he goes to find out if he's cheating.

What if you accuse your bf of cheating but he denies it what if he denies even liking the girl and he tells you he loves you?

Then he probably is cheating on you and he told you he loved you to change the subject and make you frget about it

What do you do when you find your boyfriend cheating?

Thank me later cheers...

What do you do is you believe your boyfriend is cheating on you?

i will forget him and know new boy friend

IfWhat to do when your boyfriend admits to cheating?

Find a new boyfriend. If he did it once and you forgive him. He'll do it again and expect the same.

How can you get your boyfriend to trust you again after cheating and lying to him?

You cant he maby still wont trust you so find a new boyfriend

What if someone denies cheating?

it is bad and if someone finds out, they get in trouble

Can you get back together with your ex boyfriend if he has a new girlfriend?

No. Cause then he'd be cheating on his new girlfriend wouldn't he.

Who do you know that your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Is it still considered cheating if you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend?

If you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then you are cheating on both of them.

What is Carly shay's secret?

She has a new boyfriend buthasn't told her old one and is cheating on him

What do you do if you caught your boyfriend cheating but he denies t?

Break up with him/her and get another one there's plenty of fish in the world,and when I say fish I mean people. And I know it says boyfriend(BF) but I'm just saying you can be alone if you want but find another one.

Is Shakira cheating on her boyfriend?

no she loves her boyfriend

Why do you dream of your boyfriend cheating?

probably because he is cheating

How to tell if girlfriend is cheating?

One way to try to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is if she's refusing to spend time with you. If she has a new boyfriend she may want to spend less time with you.

Should you forgive your boyfriend for cheating on you with your sister?

If you can forgive your sister, you can forgive your boyfriend. It doesn't necessarily mean that you should stay with your boyfriend. Cheating is cheating and if that is not acceptable to you, you should find someone who will respect that wish.

If you tell your boyfriend you found him cheating and he keeps silent what does it mean?

In most cases if a boyfriend was not cheating and was accused by his girlfriend then he would be angry and since your boyfriend is silent there is a high possibility he is cheating and cannot own up to it.

What if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you then you dump him no matter how much you love him like they say once a cheater always a cheater.

What does it mean if you dream your boyfriend is cheating on you with someone he used to like?

Dreaming can be a pure hypothetical thought. It means that you are very conservative about your boyfriend cheating on you.

If my boyfriend is in another state and is cheating is it considered cheating?


How do you treat a cheating boyfriend who is cheating?

you beat him up and cheat on him!

Your boyfriend left you all alone for New Year's Eve is he cheating on you?

Not necessarily he could have just wanted to be with his friends.

What happens in Wicked Pretty Little Liars book?

A new "A" begins making threats. Ian denies Ali's murder, Emily gets a new boyfriend,and Hanna has trouble with her stepsister Kate, who she believes is the new "A". Aria has feelings for a man who soon becomes her mother's boyfriend, and Spencer comes to believe that she is adopted.

What does it mean when you have a dream of you cheating on your boyfriend?

If you have a dream that you were cheating on your boyfriend, it may mean that you do not feel like staying in the relationship any longer.

What if your boyfriend denies who you are to friends?

Then be suspicious. He may have another girl friend.