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you could do that and yes you would lose weight but you would gain that and more with comic alacrity. in other words, i advise you not to because that would lower your metabolism hence slowing your weight loss efforts and I'm sure that is not something anyone would want. my apologies you've most likely heard all this rubbish more times than you would like. to answer your question one last time, yes you would lose weight but you would also gain a rather large amount of problems. i advise you to do some more research before you make a choice you could potentially regret.


lady christobel bridgerton.

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Eating or drinking tea?

Tea is a Liquid.. So we call it as Drinking Tea. However, English people says, Eating tea, it means, they are having dinner. Vincent you mad fellow, its a silly question :p

Can drinking a lot of sweet tea cause acne?

Maybe, try not drinking it for a week and see if your skin clears up, If this is the case it isn't the tea it is the sugar.

Is drinking green tea related to weight loss?

Drinking green tea has been related to weight loss in many studies. However, just drinking the tea will not make you loose weight. The ingrediants in the tea will help your body burn calories and it will help raise your metabolism but just drinking the tea alone will not make you loose weight.

Can drinking decaf tea cause dehydration?

can eating citrus fruit cause migraines

What is a southern tea party?

You sit around drinking tea, eating buicuits and gossiping with your Grandmother!! You didn't know that? Man, your DUMB!!

Will green tea make your breasts smaller?

Green tea will only make your breasts smaller if drinking it instead of eating makes you lose weight.

8 week old puppy too young to dink tea?

Dogs of any age should be drinking water, not tea. They need water.

What are the negative effects of drinking tea?

It's really just like drinking water with some caffeine right?

When did you start drinking tea in Britain?

Like, forever. It's not a posh thing, just like drinking coffee.

If your drinking darjeeling you are drinking what?

You are simply drinking tea .

What do Japanese tea ceremonies celebrate?

They actually just celebrate tea. Tea ceremonies are about demonstrating - or even performing - the proper art of teamaking, and then drinking that tea with friends.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea?

drinking tea results in causing moles on your skin

What side effects are there related to drinking tea weight loss?

There are no known side effects related to drinking tea for weight loss. Drinking tea is very beneficial for you.

In Which country is tea drinking is a ceremonial ritual?

In Japan the making and drinking of tea is a ceremonial ritual.

By drinking four cups of green tea a day without excersise can you lose weight?

OK, What else are you eating and how much> A diet of green tea and Double Mac's with fries will not cut it!

Is there a drink you can make to make you sleepy?

Some people find that drinking milk or chamomile tea helps. Another tea that may help is hops. >> Eating humus makes you sleepy.

Can you eat green tea?

Eating green tea can actually be healthier for you than just drinking the liquid brew. Why? 2 reasons: 1. There are some components of green tea that are not water soluble. Instead they are fat soluble. This means that no matter how long you brew the tea, these components will not be absorbed by the water. You actually have to eat the leaves, preferably with some small amount of fat so that your body will get the benefits of these materials. 2. For those healthy parts of the tea that are water soluble, you can't be assured of getting all those components out of the tea by brewing them. You are likely to throw away some of the goodness when you throw away the leaves/ teabag. Eating or drinking green tea are both very healthy and to be encouraged. But eating the whole leaf allows you to experience more of the health benefits.

Is drinking cold tea the same as drinking water?


Does the Mad Hatter keep drinking tea?

The Mad Hatter does keep drinking tea.In the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, he not only drinks tea at the mad tea party, but carries on drinking tea when he appears as a witness at the trial of the Knave of Hearts. Then, when he appears again in Through the Looking Glass(with the new name Hatta) he is still drinking tea.

Why do the Irish drink so much tea?

Because tea is just so good. have you ever tried it? its like drinking heaven in a cup.

How do you get rid of the acid reflux in your throat while you are trying to sleep?

I would suggest drinking peppermint tea or cinnamon tea before bed, or perhaps taking a tums. Another suggestion is not eating anything within thirty minutes of sleeping, and drinking plenty of water.

Why is the Japanese Tea Ceremony a ceremony?

It's not really a ceremony, but rather a ceremonious way of preparing and drinking tea. "Tea Ceremony" is just what we call it in English. In Japanese it's called "The Way of Tea."

Can you get your period by drinking tea?


Is diet a treatment for sinus infections.?

Eating spicy foods, drinking tea and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables are known as some of the best natural remedies to help treat sinus infections.

Is drinking cold tea the same as drinking cold water?