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Probably all of them -- insects have been a popular subject on the stamps of many nations. There have been several books on the subject. One that might be available through Interlibrary Loan (although not very up-to-date) is: Insects and other invertebrates of the world on stamps / / American Topical Association. Biology Unit. -- Milwaukee, WI: American Topical Association, 1979.

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{| |- | Tough question to answer. I would recommend getting in touch with the American Topical Association. They specialize in collectors that look for topics on stamps. There is an insect study group and they also have an insect check list that will give you a starting point! |}

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There are hundreds of insects on postage stamps. There is a thematic group, a part of the American Topical Society, that can provide a checklist of them.

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14 of the orders

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Or 24

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Q: O f the 26 orders of insects how many have appeared on postage stamps?
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