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There are many objectives of logistics management. They include operating objectives, rapid response, minimum inventory, minimum variance, movement consolidation, and quality improvement.

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Q: Objectives of logistics management
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Does production management come under logistics management?

No, logistics management is generally a peer to production management.

Advantages of logistics management?

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Objectives of cash management?

objectives of cash management

What are the principles of logistics management?

Logistics management is the planning and scheduling of transport operations through proper fleet

Objectives of management reporting?

objectives or purpose of management reporting

What is the aspect of logistics management that relate to organisation and implementation?

The aspects of logistics management that relates to the organisation and implementation include?

What are 5 p's of logistics management?

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Importance and objectives of management audit?

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What is meant by the term logistics?

Logistics is planning, execution, and control of the procurement, movement, and stationing of personnel, material, and other resources to achieve the objectives of a campaign, plan, project, or strategy.It may be defined as the 'management of inventory in motion and at rest.'

Difference between inbound logistics and outbound logistics?

Inbound logistics is the management of transport and storage for raw materials received by a business. Outbound logistics is the management of transport and storage for finished goods despatched by a business.

Differentiate between logistics management supply chain management and materials management?

logistics deals with inbound and outbound of outsourcing for the company while material management deals with inbound or instream

What are the advantages of specification in logistics management?

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