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You can not take your GED test online - you must take it in person.

But you can surely get your highs school diploma online

may be you should try Senford High School they offer High School Diploma if you pass their GED kind of test online. or go to Google and search Accredited Diploma and you will see Senford High School on the top.

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Q: Ohio GED test online
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How difficult is the online ged test?

If you are prepared for the basic subjects of a GED test, then the online GED test should be very passable.

How many Ohio residents have a GED?

An average percentage of Ohio residents have obtained their GED. Ohio offers many programs to prepare you for the GED test and many sites that offer the test.

Take an Online GED Test?

Did you know that you can take a practice GED test online? Taking an online GED test may be one of the best ways for you to prepare to take the GED and to earn the highest score that you can. You may want to start your GED preparation by taking an online GED test to identify your weaknesses. Work on those weaknesses, and then take the GED test online again to see how you improved.

Is there a free GED practice test available online?

There is a free GED practice test online and the website is, good luck.

What is a GED online test?

GED online testing is testing that was designed for people who did not graduate from high school. The GED online test will provide you with a High School equivalence upon successful completion.

Is the pre GED test for passing the GED?

The pre GED test is a practice test for learning how to take the GED test and pass it. There are several site online you can find that will provide a practice GED test for you to evaluate what areas you need to work on.

Where could I find a free GED test online?

There are many free online GED test online few of these can be found in the following sites; 4test, gedforfree, adult/get your GED, excelhighschool, gedonline and gedonlinediploma.

Can I take my GED test online?

The GED test cannot be taken online, however, you may prepare and practice for the test online. You may take the GED if you are a high school dropout, or an adult 19 years of ago and older. The GED test must be taken at monitored testing centers in your state.

Can I take the GED test online?

You can take the GED test online at a number of different places. One place is at and another is at

Is it possible to get your GED online?

william3b: No, it is not legal to get your GED online. You may prepare for it online, but you will have to take the test at a testing center.

What exactly is an online GED practice test?

An online ged practice test is a way for ged candidates to assess their readiness to take their test. They can take practice tests and depending on their scores, can see if they are ready to take the real test or not.

Can I take a GED practice test online?

Sure you can. Visit to find the ged practice test.

Can we take the Ged test online and be able to get into collage?

No, all states require that you take the GED test in person.

Where online can one take a GED test?

You can probably find a lot of sites that offer the GED test online, but it is not possible to do legitimately. You have to take your GED test in person. Taking the test online means you have access to find answers by cheating. Taking the test in person assures honest answers.

Is it possible to get a GED online?

You can prepare for the GED test online, and do the course work required to take the test. GEDOnline offers online practice tests. However, when you're done the practice tests, you will need to make an appointment at your local GED Testing Center to take the official GED Test.

Take a GED Test Online?

If you want to take your GED test online, there are a lot of different options available to you. You can either take a GED test online through a school of your choice, or you can take it through a number of websites that exist solely to proctor the GED test online. The one that you decide to go with will depend a lot on your finances and your schedule, but understand that there are options.

Answeres to ged English?

The answers to the GED English portion of the test are not available online.

I would like to take my GED test online, is this possible?

It is not possible to take a GED test online. However, there are many great websites to help you study and prepare for you test.

Is there a website that I could take the GED test online?

The GED test is not available to be taken online, however, there are practice tests and other learning materials available online for you to use. The official GED test must be taken in person at the local GED testing facility and must be completed in one sitting.

The Benefits of Taking an Online GED Practice Test?

Taking the GED can make anyone nervous. Before you take the GED test, ensure you are prepared by taking practice GED tests online. By practicing for the test online, you prepare yourself for the real test. With an online practice test, you can see what areas you need to study before taking the actual GED test. For example, if you do not feel confident in math, you can study for the math portion by taking the practice test and going over the information.

How can I finish my GED and get my high school diploma?

1.GED Online > High School Diploma Online > Free GED Test Online 2.High School Online - GED Online - High School Diploma

Where can I find information on obtaining my online GED?

You cannot obtain your GED online. You can study for it online but you have to go to a physical location to take the test.

Do you need your diploma or GED to go to cosmetology school in Ohio?

Yeah, You need ether a GED or HS. Diploma..or Depending on the state(Not sure what it is with ohio.), You can take a test(with out ether ged, or diploma.) and enter.

How can I take a good GED test?

There are several prep and training classes that you can take online but you can only take the actual GED test in an official GED center. The number one way to take the GED test is to prepare first with studying and once you are ready, find a GED Center to take the test. A GED Center Locator can be found online, one website that can help your GED center search is

When shall one get GED classes online?

Websites such as GED For Free and Pass GED offer online GED classes. However, the examination cannot be taken online and must be taken in person at a local test centre.