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On Howrse what does Al stand for?


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September 13, 2011 12:35PM

AL stands for Apollo's Lyre.

Other Howrse abbreviations include:

General terms

GP- genetic potential

BLUP - Basic Linear Unbiased Prediction

IBS - Inborn Skills

Stars - Green stars

Bolded - Horse has maxed out a skill

NIB - Not inbred

UFO - flying objects on your screen

HDFG - Handy Dandy Forum Guide (found at the top of each public forum)

Mod/ Mods - Moderators

e- equus

AP - Aging Point

M2M - Made to Measure (in relation to tack)

EC- equestrian center


Uni- unicowrn

Stally- stallion

PSH- purebred spanish horse

Appy- appaloosa

Appycowrn- appaloosa unicowrn

Arab- Arabian

Aussie- Australian horse

Chinco- chincoteague pony

Connie- Connemara pony

Hano- hanoverain

'Stang- mustang

Newfie- Newfoundland pony

QH- quarter horse

Black Market Items

BM- black market

HOP- horn of plenty

AL - Apollo's Lyre

BL - Borea's Lunge

GS - Golden Spurs

BP- black pearl (can also stand for BREEDING PARTNER)

PS- philosophor's stone

MA- Morpheus' arms

GA- golden apple

DA - Diamond Apple

CT- Chronos Timer

WOY- water of youth

MB- medusa's blood

POC- peice of cloud

EW - Elous' Wind

DL - Daphne's Laurels

AT - Aphrodite's Tears

ZLB (or just bolt) - Zeus' Lightening Bolt

FW - Fertility wand

AA - Artemis' arrow

BO - Black Orchid