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1920X1080 resolution is a 1080p screen. This type of resolution brings you the highest quality from your brand new LCD television for you to be able to enjoy.

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2013-06-23 06:02:11
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Q: On LCD televisions what type of resolution is 1920x1080?
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What is the standard resolution of an HDTV LCD television?

The resolution is the pixel dimensions of the display screen. It typically has a native pixel revolution of 1920x1080. It also depends on the inches in diameter of the LCD monitor. You can also use an HDTV as a computer monitor.

What is PC LCD monitor equivalent resolution of 1080p HD?


For an lcd monitor what is the best resolution to use?

the best resolution of a monitor is the maximum it can handle, i.e 1920x1080 would be best on a hdtv or a monitor which has its maximum of 1920x1080.

What is a good resolution for flat screen lcds?

A good resolution for your flat screen lcd tv will depend on the size of the screen on your television. An example is that a good resolution for a 23 inch tv would be 1366x768, and a good resolution for a 40 inch tv would be 1920x1080. This article will give you additional information on resolution in televisions:

What is a 42 lcd television's resolution?

LCD televisions vary on resolution. Their are hundreds of TV brands. You need to look at the product manual for the TV to be able to tell its resolution.

What is the best resolution on a 37' LCD?

1080 is the best resolution for any TV.

What is the maximum resolution that samsung 40 lcd supports?

Samsung's LCD Televisions maximum resolution is 1080p which is the highest resolution. Though to maximize your picture quality you can get a Samsung television with a higher contrast ratio.

In need of a 1080p lcd tv.?

The 1080p lcd tv are the T.V. today that have the best resolution but in the upcoming years there will be televisions with even higher resolution. There are many different 1080p resolution televisions on the market and a lot of them now offer 3D capabilities.

How would you rate the resolution quality of an LCD TV?

suk my balls

Im using my Sanyo lcd tv as an external monitor for my alienware 17 and the resolution on the tv doesnt fit the screen?

If you are using your Sanyo LCD TV as an external monitor for your alienware 17 and the resolution on the TV does not fit the screen then you need to adjust resolution setting from your alienware.

Which is the best LCD to view divx?

i believe low resolution lcd TVs would be best ( without resizing the video : no fullscreen).

What is 1080p in lcd TV?

1080 is the amount of pixles going verticaly on the tv and is the highest resolution for a tv.

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