On Pokemon pearl where do Pokemon GO after you migrate them from emerald?

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pal park

How do you get the migration map for Pokemon pearl?

Answer . There is no migration map all you do is put ruby, sapphire, leaf green or fire red in the bottom of the ds. then when you put pearl on dont choose continue select migrate then go to pal park. catch them easy!

How do you migrate in Pokemon Pearl?

you start the game with a game pak and pearl on a ds then it will say migrate from whatever game pak u hav note: make shur u don't have a hidden move to migrate you go to pal park catch the Pokemon u want to migrate after catching the Pokemon save the game go to migrate again and pick wat u want to ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon from emerald to diamond?

You have to have a DS/lite at hand or this won't work. . Place the Diamond game in the top of the console as you normally would. . Then place the GBA game in the bottom, leaving Diamond in. . Go onto the Diamond game, but only to the menu. . Press on 'Migrate from Emerald' (if it's a different ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate from pokemon ruby to pokemon pearl?

First you have to get the National Dex then here are the next steps. 1. Make sure the DS is off. 2. Put Ruby or Sapphire into the bottom slot. 3. Turn the DS on. 4. When you get to the Pokemon Pearl menu screen, there will be a "Migrate" option available so select that then you'll be taken into eit ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate from Pokemon sapphire to pearl?

1stick it in the bottom of the ds 2go south of the town with prof. rowan's house 3surf through the water until u reach land 4go into the building 5 play migranting game 6u got the Pokemon now u cant do this until u beat the elite four and cinthea -Jessi Circle

How do you migrate Pokemon onto pearl?

you insert the game boy game then turn on Pokemon pearl and there will be a thing that says migrate from, and then the game name and the go to the pal park

How do you migrate Pokemon from diamond to pearl?

Complete the National Pokedex. Go to Oak's PC, have him see it, then when u turn on the game again, u need to have one of the GBA Pokemon games in the GBA game slot. When u get to the menu at the start of the game, u should see migrate Pokemon from to . You must migrate 6 Pokemon at a time for each ( Full Answer )

Where is migrate in Pokemon Pearl?

To migrate Pokemon from a GBA game to a DS game follow these steps: . Put the Pokemon GBA game into the Nintendo DS/DS Lite's GBA game slot and put Pokemon Pearl into the DS game slot. . Turn on the DS system and launch Pokemon pearl. . There should be a tab saying migrate from on the menu. . ( Full Answer )

How can you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

First, you put in a Pokemon gba game (example:ruby, Sapphire, fire red, leafgreen, and emearld) then turn on your ds. Next, you chose migrate from firered then, it will show up a screen. chosse all 6 you can use.(WARNING!!! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MIGRATE BACK!!! IF YOU KNOW TO CLONING GLITCH ON R/S ( Full Answer )

How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon Pearl?

First of all, you need to insert your Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed or LeafGreen game into the GBA slot of your DS and, after that, you need to start up your DS game. You'll have an option at the main menu that let you select six Pokémon to be transferred from your 3rd Gen game to your current ( Full Answer )

How migrate Pokemon to diamond and pearl?

To migrate Pokemon to dimond or pearl you must beat the eleat 4, have seen every poemon in this pokedex and then talk to professor rowan. Rowan will give you a new pokedex. Now travel to route 219. their take the water way and travel down the water until you find land. Go to the right as far as you ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have no migrate option in Pokemon Pearl?

well, I have to ask you if you have national pokedex you need it because there is a high chance that the Pokemon you send aren't found and/or catchable in your game, but sometimes you have to get help but i don't need it cause I've got an AR so i can get full info on all Pokemon! so basicly get N ( Full Answer )

You migrated 6 pokemons from emerald to pearl but you cant find them anywhere - where are they now?

Firstly, you have to have the National Dex, which you obviously have since you can already migrate them. Next, go to Sandgem Town, and head through the exit south until you reach a watery area. Surf across and head east all the way until you reach a building. This is the Pal Park. You can catch them ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to pearl?

You have at least 6 Pokemon in the PC. Then you put the gba game pack in the Nintendo ds. while the ds Diamond/ pearl is in also. Start Pokemon diamond/ pearl after the "press start" choose migrate pokemon. Then go to Pal Park for the catching compitition and catch them (=

How do you migrate Pokemon from FireRed to pearl?

After you beat the elite four, put the firered game pack in. Then head to jubilife city in the migration place and save. Go to the main menu and select "migrate from firered", and pick 6 Pokemon you want migrated. You CANNOT return them to the game pack! Talk to the person, then tell them you wish t ( Full Answer )

How do Pokemon migrate in pearl from ruby?

you have to have pearl and ruby in the ds AT THE SAME TIME then you turn on pearl and when you choose start it should ask you if you want to migrate Pokemon then you must choose 6 Pokemon from the PC (you can use migration as much as you like)

How do you migrate Pokemon onto Pokemon Pearl?

first beat the elite 4 and champion then put in Pokemon leafgreen firered Sapphire ruby or emerald go to palpark under sandgem and get them with parkballs

How do you migrate from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?

you put your leafgreen in the bottom slot of the DS and your pearl in the top slot and go to the pearl starting screen amd it will say migrate from leafgreen choose the 6 Pokemon you want to migrate and then in your pearl go to pal park a catch them.(must have natinal dex)

How can you migrate Pokemon in pearl?

first of all you would need a Pokemon GBA game catrige but only one of thease: firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire, emerald catriges like Pokemon black shiney gold are not allowed. now what you need to do is isert the GBA catrige in the DS and then on the game pearl after the palkia photo there are t ( Full Answer )

Do you have to beat the league in emerald version before you can migrate the Pokemon into pearl?

No you don't. You can just put your Emerald game in the dual slot and select Migrate from Emerald on the Pokemon Pearl screen when and after you load it up.. You can migrate anytime without ever beating the E4 in Emerald~. hope that helped. :3. No. But you do need to beat the elite 4 on pearl/dia ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Firered Pokemon to Pokemon Pearl?

First you have to beat the Elite 4 on each game. Then you insert your 2 games into your DS. Then when you get to the title screen on Pokemon pearl there will be a box that says migrate. But before all that you have to have six Pokemon that are not legendary.. Different Person. That's not quite rig ( Full Answer )

On Pokemon Naranja can you trade a Pokemon to Emerald legendary Pokemon a Pokemon soon as i get the national dex i can migrate it to Pearl?

No you cant. That's spanish and you are asking if you can move Pokemon from orange to emerald and then to pearl. I have not heard of Pokemon orange. You can move Pokemon from Fire Red to Emerald using a wireless router. Then you go to pal park on route 221 off of Sandgem beach.Before you go there w ( Full Answer )

Where do you migrate Pokemon from firered to Pokemon pearl?

First you have to place fire red and pearl into Nintendo ds.Then open pearl and go to the menu.There are usually only continue,new game and Nintendo WFC connection.But there should be a box.Ä°nside it there is "migrate from fire red".click it.Select pokemons.you can only migrate 6 Pokemon a day.th ( Full Answer )

How do you obtain the option of migrate from emerald in Pokemon Pearl?

i have the same. all you need to do is put Pokemon emerald in your Nintendo ds gba slot. have Pokemon pearl in the other slot. go on to Pokemon pearl and at the start menu click migrate Pokemon. oh, and you needed to have Pokemon. you need more than 6 Pokemon in your PC. i beat the champion already. ( Full Answer )

On Pokemon Pearl how do you migrate?

First to get the national pokedex then u can put the gameboy game into slot 2 on the DS then start your game Pearl or diamond then on the main menu you will see the option migrate.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Emerald to Platinum?

turn the game off stick the ds then the gba in the slot, turn on game go to Pokemon platinum on the menu BEFORE you start playing and it will be some where in the menu it says migrate from Emerald. click then say yes to everything. I'll tell you the rules 1. You have to have at least six Pokemon ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon LeafGreen to pearl?

1st you gotta complete the game and have the nationel pokedex then make your way to pal park (once you've been there once you can fly there) prof oak will appear saying its finally opened go in and speak to the man at the counter

Can you migrate Pokemon from emerald to pearl on a dsi?

Yes you can. Firstly you have to beat the elite four. You also have to complete the sinnoh pokedex. You can then go to pal park. Make sure you have the Pokemon that you want from emerald outside of your computer.

Why can you not migrate Pokemon from Pokemon emerald to Pokemon soulsilver?

You can, you have to go to Fuschia city where the safari zone was in leaf green and fire red. After that save it and turn it off to get to the home screen then click migrate from emerald UPDATED BY HEARTLESS: Make sure you don't forget to capture the Pokemon in Pal Park! I've made that mistake befor ( Full Answer )

Where to go on Emerald to migrate Pokemon?

If you're migrating from Emerald to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver, then nowhere. You want to go to the title screen on the DS game and go down until you see "Migrate from Emerald". When you see that, select it and pick the six Pokemon to migrate.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon soul silver?

First, you must beat the Elite Four, then, turn on Pokemon Emerald, or any other game like it, and put the six Pokemon you want to migrate in the PC, next, go to the Pokemon Heart Gold menu, and click " Migrate from Emerald", and select your Pokemon, finally, go to Fuchsia City in the Kanto region, ( Full Answer )

How do get Pokemon migrated to Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon Pearl goes in the DS Card Slot. A compatible migration game (Emerald, Firered, LeafGreen) must be in the GBA slot. Note, Ruby and Sapphire are NOT compatible with migration.. then go to the main menu in Pearl and access the Migration option. From there it will give you the next steps..

How do you get migrated pokemon to pearl?

Have a GBA Pokemon game in the GBA cartridge slot, which is only onthe regular DS model. Then, choose to migrate your Pokemon, andselect which Pokemon you want to migrate. Go to Pal Park, andyou'll be able to catch the Pokemon you migrated.

How do you migrat to pokemon emerld to pearl?

In sagemen town go town and surf. you'll go to the pal park but you have to beat the elite four. you tlak to them in the pal park. your game has to be in your ds. you select the pokemon you want to transfer. and ya

How do you migrate Pokemon from black to emerald?

You can't. But you can migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to the Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver and transfer them into Pokemon Black.