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If you mean rock smash then a hiker in the cave by Orebugh gives it to you after you have obtained the Coal Badge.

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Pokemon platinum how to move the rock in eterna florest?

You cannot move the moss rock, because it is a training place where you can evolve a certain pokemon, Eevee, into Leafeon.

Where is rock climb in Pokemon FireRed?

Rock Climb is not a move in the game. It wasn't a move until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which came out after FireRed.

How do you get the move rock climb?

In Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum rock climb is found on route 217. (SEARCH EVERYWHERE)

How do you get to lake acuity in Pokemon Platinum?

you need the HM move rock climb and a gym badge.

How do you scale Walls In Pokemon platinum?

you use the move rock climb, but u have to beat the gym leader candice

What psychic Pokemon can learn rock climb in platinum?

No Psychic Pokemon in Platinum can learn HM Rock Climb (not including Mew or Mewtwo).

How do you evolve a polwril into a poltoe in Pokemon Platinum?

have it hold king's rock them trade it to another Pokemon platinum..

How do you rock scale in Pokemon Platinum?

you can get a rock climb TM (i forget where) and teach it to an able pokemon.

Where to get the move smash n pokemon platinum?

what smash isn't a move but if you meant rock smash you get it from roark in the mining place at orebough sorry spelt wrong

Where do you meet the lady with the dragon move in Pokemon platinum?

The route east from Veilstone city. TIP: bring Defog and Rock Climb!

What is a damp rock in Pokemon platinum?

A damp rock is a hold item that extends the move rain dance used by the older from 4 turns to 8 turns instead.

Where do you get rock climb Pokemon Platinum?

The HM Rock climb is on route 217.

What do you do with oaks letter on Pokemon Platinum?

take it to the rock up there by the Pokemon league

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