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after you have beaten gratina in the distortion world go to prof roawn's lab and he will talk about some crap then go to the entrance to the road to sunnyshore then the guy telling u to turn back will have gone.

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How can you get to sunyshorecity on Pokemon Pearl?

To get to Sunyshorecity on Pokemon Pearl: After you capture Palkia, travel across Route 222 near Pastoria City. Sunyshorecity is at the end of the Route on the right side.

How do you go sunyshorecity?

You have to beat the Snowpoint City gym

Can you capture all Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

no but if you evolve Pokemon in platinum or go to marrilands platinum pokedex you can find out how.

How do you get the gym leader in SunyshoreCity to return?

go to the lighthouse and on the top floor talk to him

How do you get to johnto in Pokemon Platinum?

u don't go to johto in Pokemon platinum

Pokemon Platinum replay codes?

Go to www.supercheats.com go to Pokemon platinum and then go to the code section in it there are awesome cheats there!

What Pokemon do the elite four have in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to serebii.net and search "Pokemon Platinum Elite Four

Is Pokemon Platinum the same as Pokemon Diamond?

No. In Pokemon Platinum you go to the reverse world and catch Giratina.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon firered to platinum?

You need to go to pal park in Pokemon platinum to migrate.

Where to battle Cyrus on Pokemon Platinum?

GO to the spear pillar. go to youtube and write How to go to the Spear Pillar in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you download Pokemon Platinum with two Nintendo ds?

go to Google then type in Pokemon platinum

What is the 486 Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

Regigigas is Pokemon #486 on Pokemon Platinum. To get it, go to the Snowpoint Temple with Regirock, Registeel, and Regice.

What is the action replay code for getting banned Pokemon in the battle tower for Pokemon Platinum?

go to codejunkies.com and look up Pokemon platinum if its not there then go to supercheats.com search for Pokemon platinum and click on the ar codes button

Where do you find the Galactic Key in Pokemon Platinum?

go on Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough you'll might get the idea.

Where to get an episode 1 of Pokemon Platinum?

go to youtube and type in Pokemon platinum episode 1.IT DOES WORK!

How do you get in the library on Pokemon Platinum?

To get in the library in Pokemon Platinum, simply go to Canalave City and enter the library in the northwest from the Pokemon Center.

Where is the Kanto region in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't go to the Kanto region in Pokemon platinum you can get a few Pokemon from Kanto in tall grass.

How do you get the Pokemon modifier for Pokemon Platinum?

u go to either www.codejunkies.com or u Google Pokemon platinum "Pokemon modifier action replay code"!!!

How do you get hippopatas in Pokemon Platinum?

you can get him in ruin maniac cave.you can also go to Pokemon marriland pokedex or platinum pokedex.

Where is Oak's letter in Pokemon Platinum?

go on Google:Web type in Pokemon platinum. when you are on it, put your DS on, ask a parent to do this.

How do you go to Hoenn on Pokemon platinum?

You cannot visit other regions on Platinum!

How do you go to mount moon in Pokemon platinum?

it doesnt exist in platinum! dumbo!

How do you go under ground in Pokemon Platinum?

unfortunantly you cant on Pokemon platinum as its only a feature of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl..... Sorry mate ;)

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