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On Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds is yusei in love with aki?


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July 29, 2009 5:31AM

some say yes. some say no. Me...I believe that he likes Aki and those feelings may one day mature into feelings of love. I also noticed in one episode that only Yusei's mark of the dragon reacted when she summoned Black Rose Dragon for the second time (episode 16; counting the first time she made her official appearnce in episode 14) and that Jack's didn't; there maybe some meaning in that, maybe a mistake in 4Kids if you're watching the dub, otherwise, I don't know, maybe careless on the artist's part. Also, in episode 40, Martha said something like, " like her, don't you. (Yusei is shocked tries to say something) Don't be shy, go ahead and nab your future wife." BTW, 4Kids might cut that part out, watch subbed by tknp on youtube, 4Kids sucks, put your username down if you agree: