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On a 1988 Dodge Dakota 3.9l how do you reset the maintenance required light?


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2005-06-22 17:03:47
2005-06-22 17:03:47

I have an 88 as well and my light was on for the longest time but since the 88 model has what they call an EMR module (Emissions Maint. Reminder) located below the headlight on the back of the instrument panel. So there is a little whole on the module that you can just push a screwdrive or something of that sort into the whole to reset the light.


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To reset the maintenance required warning light on a 1989 Dodge Dakota, unhook the battery connector cables for 10 minutes. Reconnect them and start the vehicle.

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Go to Autozone or Advance They will reset it for free.

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The maintenance light,You will need to take it to a Dodge dealer to reset it. Or get a DBR-2 code scanner.BIG $$$

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