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It's the block heater. I had the same problem.

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Q: On a 1989 Ford F150 with a 302 where would a coolant leak be coming from when it appears behind the water pump?
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Why is your 1990 Mazda mpv leaking coolant from the engine it appears to be coming from behind the fan shaft?

Your coolant pump is behined the fan, you will have to replace the water pump.

What is the weep hole near the thermostat housing on a 2002 dodge intrepid 2.7 l for?

That is the water pump weep hole. If coolant is coming out, the water pump has failed.That is the water pump weep hole. If coolant is coming out, the water pump has failed.

What does fluid that appears to be engine coolant coming from the muffler indicate?

HeyHoward==If it is coolant the engine will overheat quickly and the engine will smoke white smoke. The head gaskets will need replaced. It can be normal condensation if it is pretty clear water. Good luck, Joe

Coolant leak coming from behind the power steering pump could it be freeze plugs you have changed water pump and all hoses and it is not coming from those?

Year, make, model and engine info would help but, the intake manifold gaskets are known to leak coolant on many Chevy/GMC engines.

Why is your water light coming on when your car is not runnung hot?

you are low on coolant.

Where is the weep hole on a water pump in a 97 jeep Cherokee?

Probably difficult to see but it has one, it's behind the lower portion of the water pump pulley. If you have coolant dripping out from behind the water pump pulley, it is coming out the weep hole, the seal is shot and probably the bearing also. Time for water pump replacement, don't wait.

Why is smoke and water coming out of air conditioner on a 1998 dodge neon?

I assume you mean smoke and water are coming from the A/C vents. I suspect you are seeing steam and coolant. You probably have a heater core leaking.I assume you mean smoke and water are coming from the A/C vents. I suspect you are seeing steam and coolant. You probably have a heater core leaking.

Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the engine beneath the radiator?

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

Why does coolant appear to be leaking from the oil pan gasket on a 2001 Chevy silverado 5.3?

the water pump gaskets start to leak (right or left, or both) and the coolant runs down the block to the oil pan/ block joint and appears to be coming from the oil pan. follow the leak closely, and you will probably see that it is coming from above the oil pan in the front.

How do you tell if Chevy impala water pump is leaking?

If there is coolant coming from it and it isn't a hose.

Why is Water is coming into the car and overheating?

If you mean engine coolant is getting into the car, the heater core is leaking coolant causing the coolant level to drop and that causes the engine to over heat.

Coolant is leaking from 96 grand Jeep Cherokee only when jeep is running is that the water pump?

usually coolant leaks come from bad gaskets... or a bad water pump.. i would say drain the system and run water through the radiator (do NOT drive with water in the radiator, your engine will surely overheat!) and see if you can spot where the coolant is coming from... if it is coming from the engine block then you might have bad gaskets.. if not then it's the water pump.

What does it mean when a red arrow is pointing down to water appears on the dash of a Chevy Cavalier?

Sounds like your coolant is low or your coolant level sensor could be sticking closed after the coolant was low. with the dexcool coolant it becomes thick and cause the sensor to stick closed.

If water is coming out of the tailpipe of a Plymouth van is that good or bad?

That water is from condensation which is normal. However, if it is engine coolant you have big problems.

If coolant is coming out the weep hole on a water pump of a 1999 grand caravan is the pump finished?


Why do you have water behind your paint on your wood house?

its moisture coming from the wood i think

Where is the coolant temperature sensor for 2000 Ford Expedition 5.4 L 4x4?

it is behind the thermostat in the water jacket

I haveNissan quest coolant leakage?

Often it's a rotted pipe or a leaky hose or a leaky water pump. Usually is't best to look at it and see where the coolant is coming out, then repair it.

How do you change the coolant in an au Ford Falcon 2001 model?

To change the coolant in an AU Ford Falcon 2001 model, open the radiator drain plug and add warm tap water once all coolant stops coming out. Again drain the radiator and add the coolant.

Can you drive your car without water but coolant Like you have coolant but no water in the water tank?


Where is the water pump weep hole on 2000 Chrysler 300m?

The coolant will run out of the timing cover from behind the crank pulley.

You have had overheating problem with your car and quickly you filled the coolant tank with water and after you drive one mile your car overheated again and the the coolant dried up really quick?

If you can't see where its coming from, it may be a cracked head, or a bas headgasket. Also, when you add water to the coolant tank, it doesn't immediately go into the radiator. After the car sits a while, the radiator starts to cool, creating a vacuum. Water/coolant is then pulled into the radiator from the coolant tank.

What is the water sound coming from behind dash in 2000 Chevy silverado?

you now get over it

1998 Cadillac Deville has slight coolant leak after driving it Where could it be coming from?

water pump or thermostat housing crack

Why is Water disappearing and coming out of exhaust?

You need a head or intake gasket. Coolant is getting into engine. Head more likely.