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everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :) HONDAS DONT HAVE FUEL FILTERS. they have this little pin like thing instead. Heard that straight from my local economy Honda. The pin is located inside the transmission.


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The 1994 Honda Accord is not equipped with a cabin filter.

No, it does not have a Cabin Filter.

It does not have a user-serviceable transmission filter.

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Good question. I'm looking now for mine on a 1994 Honda Accord.

the 1994 Honda accord has an obd2 ecu.

Search "1994 Accord Fuel Filter". The cars are the same, and there are two detailed explanations about how to do it there.

The filter is very close to the firewall and it's very difficult to replace. I still take my car to the dealer for this procedure.

this is not a owner serviceable part take it to a mechanic

If you can remove the transmission pan then you do not have to remove the transmission.

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97 honda accord headbolt specs

there all pretty much in the same place, firewall side of the engine's easier if you do it from under the car and look up

The fuel filter is either located along the firewall or down in the engine compartment. If it is not along the firewall, looking at the engine straight on, look down next to the valve cover. It is located about half way down.

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4.5 Quarts of any premium brand 5w30 oil and a quality filter.

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The crank angle sensor is located in the distributor.only in the 94 and 95 Honda accord.

check the spark plugs and the fuel filter and air filter

Hi- your pcv valve is located right in the center of the valve cover (usually black cover that says Honda on it)

1994 Accord is OBD1 not OBD2. Under dash, driver's side.

My 1994 Accord LX has 208,000 miles and is still going.

should be located underneath the dash board by the steering colum.

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