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On a 1997 Honda Accord the rear drivers side door knob does not come up when it is unlocked how do you change actuator?

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September 13, 2011 12:29PM

If the door lock makes noise when pressing the lock/unlock button, - like a buzzing or clicking, - chances are the door lock motor is working but the actuator clutch has snapped.

If no noise coming from lock, go ahead and plan on replacing the whole actuator, either with a new one(around $80)- or used one from a junk yard (around $10).

If it is making noise, I found a real easy way to fix it if you don't mind taking things apart.

1. remove inside door trim panel.

2. follow lock knob rod down till you spot acuator (wires going into).

3. remove 3 small screws that are in a triangle pattern where acuator meets lock assembly.

4. wiggle actuator and pull out of door.

5. now replace and reverse steps - OR for clutch fix go to next step.

6. remove 4 screws from actuator cover.

7. notice the small spring that is below the motor gears. it probably has stressed and broken the plastic that held it into the clutch,

drill a small hole in the housing big enough for a 8/32 machine screw - inline with the spring.

put 8/32 screw in the hole and place a 8/32 nut on the inside of the housing.

now tighten the screw so the spring gets pushed back and into the clutch to its old position.

check the operation of the actuator now.

if it is fixed, reassemble and reinstall.

I did this to 2 of mine and saved $160.