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On your left next to the cruise button

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Crankshaft sensor on a Hyundai xg350l?

it is located under the timing cover above the crankshaft pulley

Does a Hyundai xg350L have struct or shocks?


How do you fix error code 1193 on 2004 Hyundai XG350L?

Replace the Accelerator Position Sensor. Located on the firewall.

How good is a 2002 XG350L Hyundai?

Pretty darn good.

How do you reset alarm in 2002 Hyundai XG350L?

disconnect battery

How do you fix an electrical problem in a Hyundai XG350L all interior light are blinking?

I have a 2004 XG350L doing the same thing. Turns out it was a bad interior dimmer switch.

How do you bleed brakes on a 2003 Hyundai xg350l?

how do i bleed brakes on a 2003 hyunia xg350

How do you replace the headlight bulk on a 2004 Hyundai 2004 XG350L?

How do you change a headlight bulb on 1 2004 Hyundai XG 350?

Where is the amp in Hyundai xg350l?

I assume that you are referring to the radio amplifier. It is located in the trunk on the metal portion of the roof and is about 6"x6" and gold and gray in color. Click here.

How do you remove the inside left front door panel on a Hyundai XG350L?

you allow your bait car

What Oil wt for 2003 Hyundai xg350l?

always use 5x30

Where is the input speed sensor 2004 Hyundai xg350l?

under the air box on the center of the bell housing

How do you remove the rear seat in a Hyundai XG350L 2002 to get to the struts?

The rear seat on a 2002 Hyundai has bolt behind the seats. Push the seat down to reveal the bolts, and loosen them. The seat will be able to be removed from the vehicle.

How do you fix the trip computer in a Hyundai XG350L that reads --- miles to empty even when the tank is filled?

Take your car to your dealer and they will replace the trip computer for free under the warranty-- they did it for me

Your cruise control stopped working as well as your speedometer won't go over 60 mph on your 2004 XG350L Hyundai Anyone had similar probs?

I had the same problem...the alternator went bad. Both the alternator and battery had to be replaced.

Is the life expectancy for the Hyundai XG300 250000 miles or more?

I have 175K on my XG350L and have performed consistent routine maintenance since it was new. It rides like the day I drove it off the lot and I fully expect to see 250K without a problem whatsoever. The engine and the transmission are solid.

How do you take off the woodgrain panel around the gearshift on a 2005 xg350l hyundai?

well, no offence, but it's a 2005 hyundai, so it is plastic. I believe you pop the button off of the gearshift using a flathead screwdriver, (assuming it's an automatic transmission) and you unscrew the fake leather shift knob, or plastic, whichever model you have. From there, you should have a bare metal stick. Simply use the same flathead screwdriver the pop the plastic wood (it should just be clipped or glued in) and it will come right off. Personally never have done this to a hyundai, but once you work on an asian car, you've worked on them all, eh?

How do you fix an electrical problem in a Hyundai XG350L my radio turns automatically?

I have a similar electrical problem on my 02 XG350. My door locks also intermittently lock when the passenger door is closed. I believe there is an electrical problem in the console behind the radio. Try this for the radio: if you keep a CD loaded in the CD player I bet your radio will not come on automatically anymore. This worked for me but I realize it's not the best solution.

How do you change the spark plugs on a Hyundai XG350L?

To change the plugs. 1. Remove plug wires. 2. Remove plugs. 3. Replace plugs. 4. Put wires back on plugs. 5. Have it towed to the repair shop after you screw it up. --------------------------------------------------------- EDIT --08/20/2008-- (wmcraft): The front plugs are easy to get to, but the back three require removal of the intake manifold since the plugs are located in the cylinder head directly beneath it. This is not the easiest task. The first problem is that there are so many other things connected, including the wiring harness and lots of vac. hoses. Additionally, there are brackets along the rear of the manifold that need to be unbolted. Once you do that, the EGR valve will need to be disconnected from the manifold. Peek your head under the hood at that one before you jump in. If you do tackle this yourself, buy the best spark plugs that you can afford so that they last longer before the next time. Also, replace the ignition wire set at the same time. No point in saving the cash on those only to have them fail before the next plug change. To say..."1. Remove plug wires. 2. Remove plugs. 3. Replace plugs...." is bogus. No pictures, no nothing on a very complicated system such as the XG350L. WHERE are the plugs, etc.?

What is wrong if your car hesitates to start for a few days and finally a few days later it won't turn over. I have an 03 XG350L never replaced the starter. How long do starters last?

Starters are normally good for at least ten years. Often they last much, much longer. BUT, they do occasionally fail sooner. Yours does not sound like a starter problem. Recharge the battery and jump start the car and get it to a competent mechanic.

How do you replace the alternator on a 2005 Hyundai XG350L?

Follow the given steps below to replace the Alternator on your Hyundai XG350: 1) Disconnect the negative and positive terminals from the battery. Jack up and support the front of the car and remove the right front wheel and tire. Then remove the two bolts from the side cover, inside of the wheel well. Remove the side cover. Reach for the serpentine belt tensioner through the side cover. Remove the tensioner bolt and remove the serpentine belt. 2) Disconnect the multi-pin cable connector from the back of the alternator and then remove the cable that bolts onto the back of the alternator with a metric combination wrench. 3) Remove the two bolts that run through the alternator mounting brackets, holding it onto the engine. Hold the nuts with another wrench while you turn the bolts to loosen them. Place the new alternator in position and insert a retaining bolt through an opening. Do not put a nut on it yet. Push the alternator forward to the front of the engine. Note how many spacers you will need to install between the alternator bracket and the alternator housing and then install them accordingly. 4) Fill the radiator, run the engine and allow it to warm up. Continue topping off the coolant after the engine has warmed up and air bubbles come out of the system.

How do you change cabin filter Hyundai xg350l?

To remove existing filter: 1. Open the glove compartment, locate and remove the spring-loaded stop cord on the right hand side of the glove compartment. This is done by slightly pulling the cord into the glove compartment then feeding it back through the hole. It is spring loaded but will park in an easily reachable position. 2. Locate and remove the rubber stoppers on each side of the glove compartment and remove by pulling them out on the leading edge and slide them toward you. 3. Swing the glove compartment door down to the floor. 4. Locate and remove the 10MM bolts one each side of the lower portion of the panel behind the glove compartment. 5. Locate and remove the Phillips head screws one on each side of the upper portion of the panel behind the glove compartment. There is also one on the lower right side.6. Locate and remove the 10MM nut located in the center portion of the panel. 7. Carefully pull out the glove compartment panel releasing the two locking clips and disconnect the two electrical connections. 8. Remove the bottom panel by carefully releasing the two locking clips and a tab that hooks onto the front lip of the blower housing. 9. Locate the filter access door and remove by pulling down and outward on the bottom lip. 10. Pull the dirty cabin filter out by the small handle located in the center of the filter. 11. Install the new filter paying close attention to the airflow directional arrows. 12. Reverse the procedure to complete assembly

What do you do if the stereo does not work in a 2004 Hyundai XG350?

I am not sure about this one. I can only assume when you say,"stereo", you are refering to the sound quality of 360 degrees of sound. If thid id your question, then you may have a loose speaker wire connection on the back of the radio. This connecting can only be accessed by physically removing the radio from the alcove in which it sits and thoroughly examining the speaker wire connections. Another possibility is that your antenna may have come unplugged. The antenna is located IN the rear windshield above the defroster veins. I am unsure as to where it connects to as I have only had my XG350L for only a little over 5 months. There are other possibilities. There are two fuse boxes in this vehicle. There is a fuse box in the engine compartment next to the air filter and another fuse box that is very hard to reach under the dashboard on the driver's side. Look for a fuse marked, "Radio" and gently remove it with the pinchers supplied in the engine compartment's fuse box. Do you see a thin piece of metal through the plastic casing that connects the two prongs electrically? This piece of metal should be intact. If it is broken or severed, you will need to replace the fuse. Here is a nice little trick on how to test if a fuse is blow: Fully remove the fuse from the fuse box. Get a 6-volt Lantern battery and a small 12-volt bulb. (An automotive bulb will do. Use a Sylvania 1156 Reverse Lamp bulb.) Place the bulb's metal base on the negative (-) spring of the battery. Place ONE prong of the fuse on the positive (+) spring of the battery. touch the other contact of the fuse to the bottom metal tip of the build while making sure the bulb's metal base is still contacting the (-) spring and one fuse prong is still contacting the (+) spring. If the bulb lights up dimly, the fuse is GOOD. If the bulb does not light at all, the fuse is BAD. If you have tried everything and still cannot get the radio to work, you may have to get a new radio! Sorry for all the details!

My airbag light is illuminated on my Hyundai 2004 XG350L. Is this a fuse a sensor Anyone?

I really appreciate this information and after going to the repair shop and them telling me they could pull the dash out to find the problem ($100 to $500) I decided to try this. I just had a piece of info to add. The repair shop was able to tell me it was my passenger side airbag that had the problem. I fiddled under the seat a little making sure all wires were connected and secure. There was one that was a little loose at the connector. I just pushed it together and turned the car off and back on and that did it. I just wanted to tell that because now I know there are sensors under both seats for the airbag. If the car has been in an accident that could cause the airbag light to come on; if any of the airbags, driver, passenger, side bags in the seat have been deployed that you will need also to change the module. I raccomand to go to a good mechanic and just have your car scanned; thay can tell you in 5 minutes what is the issue, you should not pay more than $60 for the scan. Good luck, Silvio @ Convoy Motors Look under the drivers seat... there is a wire that gets a lot of these cars to trip the air bag warning light if there is anything kicking around under there...

Would it be possible to tune the radio's antenna poor reception for 2002 XG350L where is the antenna?

I believe I read somewhere that the XG350/L antenna was embedded in the windsheild. Some aftermarket head units can boost the signal quality better than the stock radio, or there are "antenna boosters" that install on the antenna cable and are 12 VDC powered. I haven't tried a separate booster, so I don't know how well, or if they work. I've had the best luck in other vehicles installing Pioneer head units with the "Super Tuner" tuners. [Revision:06/28/08] After looking through some documentation, the antenna is embedded in the rear window (not the front windshield) and there is a built-in/factory antenna booster mounted to the underside of the rear shelf (where the speakers mount.) I've seen at least one other person who had to replace the booster due to poor reception.

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