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Yes it a diagnostic

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Q: On a 93 Toyota corolla will the speed sensor cause the engine light to come on?
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2001 Toyota Corolla 1.4 GS engine misfiring?

There are a number of reasons why a 2001 Toyota Corolla 1.4 GS engine would misfire. Coils are one common cause. Another common cause is the fuel delivery system.

What would cause a 95 Toyota Corolla 1.8l Toyota Corolla 1.8l engine to vibrate at idle?

bad engine mounts low rpm old timing belt over charged ac

What could be the cause of a humming noise from the engine of a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

There could be a humming noise from the engine of a 2002 Toyota Corolla because of low oil or a fouled spark plug. It can also indicate a more serious problem.

Why does Engine stalls at take off 2001 Toyota Corolla?

Several things can cause your 2001 Toyota Corolla to stall when you first take off. The most common cause is a dirty fuel filter or a dirty air intake filter.

What could cause a 1991 Toyota Corolla engine to stop running after startup at idle repeatedly?

There are a number of reasons why a 1991 Toyota Corolla engine would stop running after startup. It could the idle control, an EGR leak, or low fuel pressure.Ê

What causes your 95 corolla to buck?

The primary cause for a 95 Toyota Corolla to buck is a lack of fuel. The fuel filter can be clogged which will not provide enough gas to the engine.

What would cause a 2001 Toyota Corolla to stall out when you first accelerate and after choke and sputter for a few minutes?

it may be the maf sensor i got a corolla 2001 too do you have any codes ?this is a old question thought.

Can a defective temperature sensor for the 1992 Toyota 4 runner 6 cylinder cause engine overheating?


Why does engine sputter in your 2001 corolla?

Quite a few things could cause this to happen to the 2001 Corolla. The engine could experience poor performance and sputtering due to: - dirty or clogged air filter - worn or mis-gapped spark plugs - bad gasoline - gummed up throttle body - sensor malfunction (IAT sensor, O2 sensor(s), MAF sensor) A dirty MAF sensor could cause sputtering in 2000+ Corollas. As these models are equipped with the 1ZZ-FE VVT-i engine (2ZZ-GE in the case of the Corolla XRS). Often overlooked, many can be carefully cleaned, instead of being replaced, and driveability often improves considerably.

Will o2 sensor cause misfires on 1998 Toyota corolla?

Podsible, if the sensor is so worn as to not send the right signal to the ECU the fuel/air trim will be off and indeed can cause a misfire from running to lean or too rich. The ECU does not know if the sensor is bad, it only knows what micro voltage it is "told" by 02 sensor

What would cause the dash lights not to work on 2008 Toyota corolla?


What is fuel pump fuse labelled as in Toyota corolla?

it isn't a "fuse" as on many vehicles, it would be a "relay switch" or possibly a sensor that could cause a "good" fuel pump not to "turn on"

What cause Toyota corolla 1998 engine check light come on?

The ECU has detected a problem with the emissions system. Most auto parts stores will scan the ECU for free.

If the speedometer stop working on an Toyota a 91 corolla what part needs to be replace?

You may need to replace the speedometer fuse. The speedometer cable can cause your speedometer to stop working. The speed sensor can also cause the speedometer to stop working.

What to do if your code on Toyota corolla check engine light P0171?

Fuel/air trim too lean.Your engine is not getting enough fuel in the optimal ratio. Could be may causes. What to do? Have your OBD codes scanned. That will tell you which sensor has gone faulty to cause the problem,.....go to AutoZone or any large parts house and they will scan your OBD free.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

What would cause an engine code PO 171 on Toyota Corolla 2005?

Try cleaning the MAF sensor and check for leaks in the vacuum hoses. If the MAF is clean and there's no air leak, oxygen sensor (before the cat) could be misreporting a lean mixture ... replace it. If none of that works then something else is causing your lean mixture (dirty injectors, etc).

What would cause a clanking noise in the automatic transmission of a 1994 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8L when letting go of the accelerator and pressing it down again?

bottom engine mount nut snaped

Can a bad crankshaft sensor cause a misfire?

An intermittent crankshaft sensor will not let the engine fire the correct times. This can definitely cause a misfire for the engine.

What would cause engine surges and engine knock on 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Could be many reasons. If there is an check engine light, have the code pulled with a ODB2 scanner from any local garage. Reference that code with what it means and you have a better idea where to look to solve the problem.

92 Toyota Paseo is overheating Fan not coming on unless AC or Heater is turned on?

Check the temp sensor. The control is not turning on the fan when engine temp requires it, so the most common cause is the sensor.

What would cause the radiator fan to always run on a 96 Toyota Corolla?

a bad fan control relay

Can unplugged mas cause check engine light?

Yes, an unplugged sensor can cause a check engine light.

Symptoms of bad camshaft position sensor?

A bad crankshaft position sensor on your Chrysler 300 will cause the engine to run very rough or not run at all. The malfunctioning sensor can cause damage to your engine, if not repaired.

Where do you start to finding the cause of a problem with a 1998 Toyota Corolla radio?

AnswerCheck the fuse1996 corolla fuse is in kick panel next to driver!!! cig lighter and clock and radio!!!