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Q: On a 97 cavalier after replacing the alternator and battery the battery light is still on and though it starts and runs fine what is causing the battery light to come on again after start?
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Why Battery will not stay charged alternator and battery are good?

something is causing a drain on the battery when switch is turned off

If you constantly run your car with a dead battery will this hurt your alternator?

Yes, alternators are designed to maintain the battery, or recharge a battery that has been slightly discharged from starting the car. When the alternator is used to recharge a dead battery, it causes the alternator work harder and longer than it is designed for, causing it to overheat, thus causing damage to the alternator. A battery charger should be used instead. They are designed for charging dead batteries. After the battery is charged, let the alternator maintain the charge.

What could be causing the the battery light to stay on after replacing the battery in a 1993 dodge caravan?

The battery light indicates that the battery is not receiving a charging current. You may have a bad alternator or a broken drive belt (if you have a broken belt you'll have overheating and power steering problems too, though).

Why would a fully charged battery and a new alternator drain the battery as the car is being driven?

Some possibilities: Cable is loose Alternator is faulty Some other electrical problem is causing an excessive drain. ---------------------- Also check the Fuse or Fusible Link. ----------------------- if new alternator: ck. mounting bolts for tightness & wiring. battery self maintenance? Alt. have intregal regulator? if not, should replace when replacing alt.

How do you repair a sunroof in cavalier?

The sunroof on a Chevy Cavalier can often be repaired by replacing the outer seal. This prevents rain from leaking into the vehicle and causing additional problems.

Why does Ford Mondeo sometimes not start without a jump?

weak or faulty battery, faulty alternator (or slipping alternator belt causing battery not to charge) or faulty starter motor

Why does auto battery leak after charging?

An auto battery could be leaking for a couple of reasons. The alternator could be overcharging the battery causing the leakage. Or the battery itself could have a short or other internal problem causing it to leak when charging.

Will the altnator lock up causing car to stop?

It can happen. The bearings on the alternator of my Silverado did that once, and it ended up causing the vehicle to shut down. the alternator on your car charges the battery which in turn runs the electrical supply to the car. if your alternator is damaged the battery will deliver power to the eletrical system until it no longer can and the car will stop running.if i were you i would replace the alternator,recharge the battery if it is still good and then happy motoring.

1993 Astra alternator light and brake fluid level warning lights both on with engine running. Battery not charging will replacing alternator cure both fluid level is ok?

Several potential reasons that your battery is not charging. It could be that your battery is too old and must be replaced. Alternatively, the electrolyte in your battery is low and that you have damaged your plates by not replacing the lost fluid with distilled water. Thus, you may have to replace your battery. Or, as you suggest, it could be a defective alternator (actually voltage regulator in the alternator). However, first you should check the belt your alternator runs off. If may be loose, causing the alternator not to charge the battery. Old belts develop multiple microcracks that will loosen the belt tension. Have you replaced your alternator belt since you purchased the vehicle (about every 50,000 miles)? If your belt is tight, it could be that your alternator is bad. Brake light could be related to alternator issue, or you have a separate problem with the brake fluid sensor. Remember to check your brake fluid at least monthly. Hope this helps.

What does it mean when your steering becomes heavy and your battery light comes on in a ford fiesta?

Alternator Belt has snapped, causing you alternator to stop charging causing you battery light to come on, but this belt also runs your power steering pump which if that's not working your steering will become heavy

What can kill a battery?

If its an old battery the cells could be dried up, meaning there is not enough battery acid in it, or if you leave your lights on, or a bad alternator could be causing the battery to not charge while the car is running.

Your battery light has started coming on and you have a belt squeeling is the two a related problem 1997 geo prism?

Loose or worn fan belt would cause alternator not to spin fast enough to charge battery. Worn bearing in alternator could be causing it to seize and causing belt to slip

All gauges erratic and voltage to battery is 19 volts computer and alternator has been replaced what causing?

All that would be left would be a short in the wiring to the alternator.

What could be causing a new battery to be losing life?

Some light may be on pulling power from the battery. Can also be a stuck relay. The new battery is possibly defective. Alternator can be weak.

What happens when your alternator is not charging properly?

Your vehicles primary battery will drain eventually causing it to not start. If you drive for a long time with a dead alternator the vehicle can (rarely) shut off.

Your battery drains on your 1988 Chrysler Fifth Ave you were told it maybe the idle control sensor you had your battery and starter checked by your battery is still draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? It may not be regulating the energy to the battery, causing it to drain

Why does the battery keep dying and the 3.0 engine on a 1997 Ford Aerostar have poor performance?

It sounds like you simply need to change the alternator. Easy test: if vehicle will start, carefully remove the ground/negative cable from the battery (may help to llosen slightly beforehand). If vehicle runs, turn on lights; if it still runs, the alternator is fine. All vehicles should run on alternator only. If the vehicle sputters and dies, the alternator is dead. Replace alternator, and VERY IMPORTANT, fully charge battery before engaging alternator. A weak battery can damage a new alternator causing alternator death.

What is the battery doing while the gas is causing this combustion and causing the car to move?

Nothing, the battery did it's only job by cranking the vehicle. Now it is up to the alternator to keep all electrical working while the car is in operation.

If I'm on my third alternator in my 2000 Toyota Sienna in a year something is killing them what is killing my alternator?

i would start by testing the battery , i have seen cases where the battery was good enough to start the vehicle but was causing the alternator to do all the work resulting in premature failure. my f150 went through a brand new ford alternator in 2 months .

My car died while driving last night so i replaced the battery. AutoZone tested the alternator and said it was working but it was draining my battery slightly...what could be causing this?

Don't believe a word AutoZone tells you. My battery died so I went there and they tested my battery and alternator and told me it was the battery. So I bought a new battery and 2 days later, dead again. Went back and they tested again and THIS time, it was the alternator. I went nuts on them and ended up getting both my battery AND alternator for free for their mistake that left me stranded at 12am.

What could be causing the the battery light to stay on after replaceing the battery in a 2003 Ford Expedition?

The battery light comes on when the alternator is not charging. Changing the battery did nothing. Either put a gauge on the battery to see if it is charging, or while running, disconnet the positive cable from the battery. If the car dies that means the alternator is not charging. Most parts stores will check it for free. Oriely's , Autozone, etc.

What light comes up on the dashboard of a BMW if your alternetor is broken?

The low voltage light should come on if you have a bad alternator. Without a good alternator, the battery will die causing the low voltage.

Why are your lights dim on your 1990 Nissan nx?

Depending on how dim, it could be your battery, alternator, or poor power supply at the headlight socket. Poor power supply meaning corroded wires causing high voltage drop. Have the battery and alternator tested and go from there.

Could a bad battery turn the check engine light?

A bad battery will not turn on a check engine light. A bad alternator however will. Have your vehicle checked and see if the alternator is putting out at least 13.5 volts and if so there may be another issue causing the light .

What is causing water to vent from car battery?

It may be that your alternator is overcharging and causing the the battery acid to expand and blow out the filler cap vents. Use a volt meter to check the charging system when running. It should be in the area of 13.8 to 14.2 volts max. If the voltage exceeds these values, the voltage regulator may be deffectivie or the alternator could also be defective.