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98 ford explorer roaring noiseThe roaring sound could be a couple of things. The first is a bad fan clutch if it is not an electric motor running the fan. The second if the sound is coming from the wheel area is a bad bearing or bearings in the wheel hub. Not quite sure what is meant about the rotating sound that you are hearing, this could possibly be from the problems I have mentioned.

I too have a 98 Ford exploder, if it is your wheel bearing jack up the tire that's makin the noise and see if it wobbles any, if it does, it is your bearing and you need to fix it fast otherwise your tire could fall off

2011-09-13 12:30:23
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Does disk and drum brakes work exactly the same?

No. Drum brakes expand inside a rotating drum to stop the vehicle, disc brakes squeeze in against a rotating disc.

Does a 1998 Ford Explorer have rear drum brakes?

No , starting with the 1995 Ford Explorer the rear brakes are DISC

Does the 2000 Ford Explorer have disk brakes?

On a 2000 Ford Explorer : ( Yes , there are disc brakes , front and rear )

What is wrong with the brakes if a car won't come to a complete stop after firmly pressing the brakes?

brakes need replaced

Does a Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

On a Ford Explorer : There are disc brakes on the front and ( starting with the 1995 model year ) there are disc brakes on the rear also ( instead of drum brakes on the rear )

What kind of rear brakes on 2002 ford explorer?

disc brakes

Does the 95 explorer XLT have ABS brakes?

Yes ( my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 has 4 wheel ABS brakes )

What kind of brakes does 2002 ford explorer have?

disc brakes , front and rear

What type of rear brakes are on the 1999 Ford Explorer?

disc brakes - front and rear

Does your 99 Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

disc brakes , front and rear

Does your 1995 explorer sport have disc or drum rear brakes?

disc brakes , front and rear

Will 1992 Ford Explorer brakes work on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

Sorry no , the 1992 and 1995 both have front disc brakes but have different part numbers for brake pads , rotors The 1992 has rear drum brakes , the 1995 rear disc brakes

Will the disk brakes from a ford explorer fit on a 1969 mustang?


What are the kind of brakes on a 2008 Ford Explorer?

On a 2008 Ford Explorer : ( disc brakes , front and rear ) Also , on the inside of the rear rotors is a small set of parking brake shoes

How much does it cost to repair brakes on a 2003 ford explorer?

The cost to repair the brakes on a 2003 Ford Explorer depends on the brand of the brakes, and the person/shop doing the repair. It can generally run between $70 and $200+ depending on those variables.

Why do your brakes squeak in your Mitsubishi Galant 2002?

Metal Is Pressing Against Each Another. ----

How do you replace Brakes on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

How hard and how do you replace the rear disc brakes on a 2003 Ford explorer? I have replaced a lot of brakes from 60s and 70s to the newest replacements of 91 Ford explorers and 91 Ford f-250s front rotors.

What kind of rear brakes does a 1997 ford explorer sport have?

Disc brakes ( also have rear parking brake shoes )

Does a 1996 ford explorer have hydraulic brakes on front tires?


What brakes are on a ford exploerer on the rear?

On a Ford Explorer : 1991 to 1994 model years have ( drum brakes on the rear ) 1995 and newer models have ( disc brakes on the rear )

Will breaks from a 94 explorer fit on a 98 explorer?

No , shows a different part number for the front brake pads ( also , the 1994 has rear drum brakes , the 1998 rear disk brakes )

How do you test your brakes after driving through a puddle?

pressing on the brake pedal lightly for a short distance

Are there disc brakes or brake shoes on the rear of a 1996 ford explorer truck?

drum brakes on rear of 1996 ford not disk

Why would a 1997 Explorer Sport have pulsation during braking?

Could possibly be Antilock Brake System kicking in (most people don't notice this unless they are pressing the brakes exceptionally hard) Another possibility is that the brake rotors could be warped.

What is a Disc brake?

A brake in which the friction is caused by a set of pads that press against a rotating disk.Disc brakes on a bicycle are brakes that slow the bike by acting on a disk that is mounted on the hub of the weel. This is different from standard brakes.