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More than likely there is a short in your electrical circuit either between the headlights and your switch or in your Headlights fuse. Check under the bonnet near the battery for a fusebox then check for the Headlights or Headlamps fuse then check to see if the fuse has been blown (the fuse will be in a seethrough casing and the circuit will be separated). Another good tool to get for yourself is a simple voltmeter, you should be able to find a voltmeter for about 10 to 30 euros and then read the instructions. When checking for automotive circuits set your voltmeter for DC voltage then place your positive probe on one part of the circuit and your negative probe on another part and note the reading. If the reading fails to read toward normal voltage (12-14VDC) then you have identified the shortcircuit and may be able to replace the shortcircuit or inform your mechanic or dealership or agency of your problem.

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Q: On a Seat Cordoba all bulbs are working yet the headlights wont work why?
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You have to clap twice and if that does not work then turn the on botton off.

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