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If you had Mortgage Insurance on it, there is a chance that they may make up the short fall. You will have to check your policy to see if it is included.

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Are you still responsible to pay off the remainder of your car balance once it is repossessed?

YES. Read your contract.

If a car is repossed are you still responsible to pay for the remainder due on the car?

Yes. You are also responsible for repo fees, storage, auction and collection fees. You pay for it all.

In Florida when a car is repossessed do you still have to pay for it?

The vehicle will be sold. That amount will be applied to your balance. You will be responsible for the remainder owed along with any fees associated with the legal aspects etc

The bank tells me that I owe a car loan but the car was in an accident and demolished?

Then you're still responsible for the car payments. If insurance doesn't cover the entire cost, then you have to make up for the remainder.

If you add two zeros to the divisor but you still have a remainder what do you do?

If you add two zeroes to the divisor but still have a remainder, add zeroes to the dividend. Adding zeroes to the divisor will not help.

If you give your manufactured home back to the bank are you still responsible for the payments?

You may be responsible for the difference in what you owe on the home and what the bank is able to sell it for. You are not still responsible for the payments.

If a car was voluntary repossessed and the cosigner was not notified is the cosigner still responsible?

Yes. If you signed the loan, you are still legally responsible for it.

Are your parents still responsible for you if you had a baby at 16 and have moved out?

Yes, they are still responsible for you. Until you reach 18 or are married, you are a minor.

Why must the remainder be smaller than the divisor?

If the remained was bigger than the divisor than the divisor could still be taken out of the remainder

Are you still responsible for your 18 year old daughter if she is still in high school?

Yes legally you are still responsible for your daughter as long as she is living in your home. Now if she no longer is living with you than you are responsible in ethical aspect as you are their parent.

When moving out of rental Do you still have to pay rent?

This depends on if you are moving out before the lease is up. Most leases have clauses which states that a tenant is responsible for the rent of an apartment for the remainder of the lease period or until the unit is rented to a new tenant, whichever comes first. If you move out of the dwelling where there is no lease, then you are not responsible for the rent.

Who is responsible for a pregnant minor in the state of Tennessee?

The minor's parents are still responsible for her.

If the custodial parent remarries is the noncustodial parent still responsible for support?

Yes. They are still the child's parent and responsible for supporting their child.

What are the ratings and certificates for Still Standing - 2002 Still Responsible 2-12?

Still Standing - 2002 Still Responsible 2-12 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

Should parents be held responsible for the bad actions of their children?

Yes, if you are still younger than 18 you are still considered a minor child and your parents are still legally responsible for you.

How short should you be in 5th grade?

Not really short actually, but about for boys 4'9' and for girls around 4'8' at this point your body is still growing so you may be shorter or taller

Are you responsible if you hit a suicidal person?

Yes, you are still responsible for hitting them even if they are suicidal.

After a 16 yr old drops out of school is the parent still responsible for them in NJ?

Yes the parent is still responsible for them. They will remain responsible until they reach the age of majority. In New Jersey, that is 18.

What is a bare life estate?

Can the remainder of a bare life estate transfers their remainder interest to another person while the life tenant is still alive.

If your parents give you permission to move out at 17 are they still responsible if something happens to you?

Generally speaking, if you have not been emancipated, then your parents can still be held responsible.

If you let your car go back do you still have to pat remainder of of balance?


What is it that when you take the whole away you still have some left over?

It is called the Remainder.

What is it when you take away a whole away but somes still left?

Fractional remainder.

When the cosigner dies is the spouse responsible for a repossion that she did not cosign for?

The spouse is not responsible and should not have this on her credit. But the estate of the deceased will still be responsible for the debt.

Which numeral could be a remainder when dividing by 9?

well i am still learning this but when you aredividing a numeral and the numeral could be a remainder when dividing by 9 you will get the answer "7" just study

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