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Q: On clubpenguin how do you get the bars under the member sign?
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On clubpenguin what do the stars under your membership sign stand for?

How long you have been a member :)

How do you become a member in clubpenguin?

im not a member but i think you go to the website and just click become a member or sign up

How do you get hair on clubpenguin?

i love clubpenguin and you have to be a member and buy it and then look at the bottom where it has houses and stuff like that and then look where its has a member ship sign at the bottom and press that then look at the arrow and open and keep pressing down until you find it and press it

What are the bars under a Club Penguin membership sign?

It determines how long they have their membership for.

How do you do I show the sign if your'e a tour guide on clubpenguin?

You can show the tour sign on clubpenguin by pressing the 'W' button.

Why do you sign on in clubpenguin?

So you get all your items and everything from the previous time you were on Clubpenguin.

How do you make a clubpenguin?

Well.... its not that hard. Go to the screen where it says "sign in" and to your right it will say become a member or create a create a penguin and there you go!

How do you get Roxy chetes?

Type in (HOBBIDIDANCE) under sign in, if you're a member that is!

Is clubpenguin free membership real?

no you need to buy membership to able to be a member in clubpenguin but if you sign up in prize rebel you'll get a 1 month membership for free but you need to earn points for that 1 month membership it works 100%

How do you get the always available on clubpenguin?

You go to a server with a ton of people. then you go find a member who is a guy. tell him he is cute, hot, and sexy. Then put up the heart sign !

How do you get the fire suit in clubpenguin?

To get the fire suit, first you have the be a ninja and then if you inside the ninja hideout if you see a little door that has a fire sign click that and then you have too be member to go in.

Is there anything you can buy on clubpenguin without being a member?

You can buy colors for your Penguin, and Backround Pictures. If you want to buy clothes, and other accessories, you have to sign to be a member for the expensive price of $59. You can also accasionally get free items.

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