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On l995 Geo Metro when the engine light comes on is this an electrical problem and possible fire hazard warning?


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Not really. Most cars are pre-programmed to kick on the check engine light somewhere around the 60,000 mile mark. This is just to get you into the dealerships so they can hook you up to their computer and tell you nothing is wrong and charge you anywhere from 65 to 150 bucks. You can most likely turn it off by disconnecting your ground cable from your battery for a minute and then re-connecting it. Or if you have a friend with a code scanner, they can use it to turn it off. This light will come on if the engine computer senses something wrong with one of the sensors on the engine such as an O2,MAP,MAF etc. just to name a few. If you get it turned out and it comes back on, you need to take it to your mechanic and have him check it. But there shouldn't be any fire or electrical hazards.


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Spark plugs are electrical components that should not have contact with any sort of fluid. The engine warning light is on as a warning for a possible electrical system issue.

The engine warning wrench icon is a reference to a problem with the engine. The engine should be checked by a certified mechanic.

When the check engine warning light comes on in a vehicle, it means there is a problem in the engine. It means that the engine and connection need to be checked.

A warning on the dic showing an engine power reduce, indicates that there is an electrical problem with the Chevy Malibu. These issues could be worn or damaged sensors, wiring issues, a weak battery, engine overheating or stored codes that could be causing the warning.

It is important to know what the warning lights mean on a cars dashboard. The warning light that looks like an engine, is the Check engine light, it means there is a problem within the engine.

Warning lights come on when there is a problem. An Engine management light comes on when there is a problem within the engine, that may cause problems later.

Depends on which engine warning light you are referring to. If you are taking about the Check Engine light, then you must have the problem fixed that caused the light to come on. It is an emissions problem and you need to seek the help of a professional.

1) fuel tank very low apporaching empty. 2) Engine's electrical system has a problem. 3) the emission control system has a problem. 4) The filler cap is missing or not tightened securely.

have an engine diagnostic check at an auto shop to find out what the problem may be.

The electronic engine warning light can come on if there is a serious engine problem. It may also come on in error, for example, if the gas cap is loose.

Nothing!!! It turned out to be completely separate coincidences. The power loss and fan sound was caused by a hole in the turbo air induction system pipe located under the air filter unit. The airbag warning light was an unrelated electrical error. Wierd but true. Hope this help you if you have a similar dielsel engine problem.

Depends on which engine warning light you are referring to. If you are referring to the Check Engine light then have the problem repaired that caused it to come on in the first place. They will reset the light. Resetting the light without repairing the problem and it will just come back on.

This is the engine management warning light. It is supposed to look like the outline of a car engine! If it lights it means you have a fuel injection or ignition problem (or have had a problem recently - misfiring for instance).

possible symptoms are the engine warning light will be on

You have an engine problem, you need 2 speak 2 someone with a fault code reader

It means your engine has a problem. (in any car )

It is important to pay attention to the warning lights in a vehicle. When the check engine lights are on, it indicates a problem, and it needs to be fixed.

No that's a mechanical problem, not electrical

It the engine management warning light is on it is best to find out what the problem is and fix it. Many auto parts stores have a reader and call tell what is wrong for free.

When your car says check engine it means you need to check your engine. You can go to any mechanics shop and have it looked at alot of mechanics shop will check for free and tell you what the problem is. Whatever the problem may be you need to get it checked out as soon as possible because it could mean something serious. Its a way of your car giving you a warning.

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