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On runescape how do you know what level you are and can you fight other players im not a member?


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November 28, 2008 9:03PM

The way you know what combat level you are on runescape is by clicking the crossed swords icon which lets you pick your attack style, it will also tell you your combat level.

And yes, you can fight other players as a non-member, there is a number of places which you can do this, bounty hunter located in the wilderness, you will lose items when doing this mini game but will also keep the items which you kill from the player, there is also clan wars, also located in the wilderness in this you are with a group of people and there are certain options which determine the rules of the game and there's the dual arena which is a 1vs1 fight against your opponent, both players agree to a set of rules and you wont lose your items fighting here the dual arena is located in al-kalhid.

also you can go to any pvp world and fight any number of players since you are allowed to fight anyone just about anywhere in the world of runescape, you will lose items if you die.