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It is believed that Adolf Hitler committed suicide once the Russians and Allied forces began the assault on Berlin so that he could not be captured and tried for his atrocious list of warcrimes

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Hitler did kill a lot of people just like serial killers do, but Hitler can rather be called a mass murderer than a serial killer.

For current teens, it is Suicide. The number one killer of teens is accidents.

Hitler was famous for lot of things!!

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Hitler started genocide and that is not serial killings. Stalin started genocide before Hitler and the count was higher.

Gary Ridgway, known as the Green River Killer, committed homicide in the State of Washington.

hah hitler perhaps one of the most hated people. he was a jew killer

Suicide and car crashes are the main causes.

I believe the official cause of death is suicide.

it means a killer like suicide u kill your self

Tried for murderNo, because you can't charge a dead person. That would be a waste of the court's time to spend tax dollars charging a dead person with a crime.They wouldn't charge a suicide victim with murder any more than they would charge a dead person with murdering someone else.More accurately, it is because the killer would be unable to appear at trial. Imagine that the killer did not commit suicide, but fled the country. A trial could not be conducted in his absence. He would have to be located first and then tried.

Hitler played a big roll by playing a leader and killer for the German arym

Nothing definitive is known about the Zodiac's background since he was never caught. But his crimes were murders since he was a serial killer. He killed with a pistol and with a knife.

most people that did not appreciate what Hitler had done called him a killer/murder! i believe that Hitler is a very cold- hearted jerk! he never had to do that to the Jews! what did they do to him! exactly NOTHING!

Manson is an enigma. He doesn't fit in to either group completely. But he has more characteristicts of a serial killer. But he is without a doubt a cult leader, and typically so. Which is how he was able to manipulate his followers to the point that they would commit multiple murders for him.

A habitual offender can be defined as someone that continues to commit the same types of crimes over and over. An example of a habitual offender could be a serial killer or someone that continues to commit a house burglary over and over.

The killer was Justice Lawrence Wargrave. He wanted to kill people who had committed crimes that were untouchable by the law. Therefore, since he also had a lust for killing, he came up with a brilliant plan to commit murders on a grand scale.

Cleopatra was her own killer. She committed suicide. That's all we know for certain. How she did it is a mystery. There is a myth that she died by snakebite, but that's all it is, a dramatic myth. There are many reasons to doubt the possibility of her demise by snakebite.

The most notorious serial killer would have to be Jack The Ripper, with Ted Bundy coming in a close second. Adolf Hitler wins the first spot for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity.

He is a jerk killed millions of innocent people maybe if miley cyrus was back then her and hitler would twerk at each other thier would be babies everywhere. I hate hitler he is I killer I wish herobrine was real then hitler would be killed by a American

Hitler, Shinklebruger, to name a few. Basicly any last name of a famous dictator or killer ect.

Defenitions might resolve that question. He was not in the sense of a personal killer like Dahmer or Ted Bundy. He was not a Nighstalker, a Green River Killer or anything like that. He was responsible for deaths counted in the millions, just as Hitler was.

A mass killer will kill large numbers of people over days, months, or even years. An example of a mass killer would be Hitler. Many are politically motivated. A spree killer will kill multiple victims, usually in a blitz-type attack such as we see at places of businesses or attacks on schools. Many times spree killers commit suicide before they can be apprehended. One of the earliest American spree killers was Charles Whitman, who on August 1, 1966 took multiple weapons and ammo to the clock tower on the campus of Texas A & M, killing three and injuring eleven. One of the casualties was an eight month old fetus. Whitman was killed by police before he could be arrested. A serial killer is the rarest of all killers. The FBI's criteria is as follows: A killer that kills three or more people over time with a 'cooling off' time between kills. This cooling off period can be just hours, such as Jack The Ripper's killing of Elizabeth Stride and less than an hour later, Catherine Eddows, or it can be years such as the BTK killer who had several years between some of his victims. Some of the most imfamous serial killers are Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

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