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Q: On the last level of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory after hacking the generals computer how do you get rid of the invisible wall blocking the exit of the ventilation shaft?
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Is the splinter cell for computer?

Yes, of course it is.

Does anitvirus software make your computer invisible to hackers?

The firewall makes your computer practically invisible, along with antivirus software.

How do you make your computer invisible to others on the Internet by installing?

You can block logical ports to invaders and make your computer invisible to others on the Internet by installing

What is the password for splinter cell double agent for computer?

aries double edge

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blocking instagram on your computer

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AnswerThere are many things that could make your computer to overheat, here are a couple of questions- Poor ventilation - a bad fan, or a defective one. That, plus using the computer at a higher than normal capacity (like for example running a game) - Good computer ventilation, however with the computer placed in a closed space - a P3 could be successfully placed in a closed desk. However, placing a P4 in a similar space will make it to overheat.Also check to see if your machine is extremely dirty, clogged with dust and dirt. If you have any pets watch out for pet hair and dust blocking vents.

What makes your computer invisible to hackers?

There are a number of things that make your computer invisible to hackers. This may include concealing your IP address, having a firewall and other protective measures.

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Your computer may be blocking the Captcha site. If you continue to have issues with it and your computer is not blocking it, contact Support or post on the Community Forum under Malfunction Discussion.

Does putting SYS in front of a file make it invisible to the computer?


What are The invisible parts of a computer are called?


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Yes, it is you need software and its not exspensive to get.

What other test could you perform to prove that it was your computers firewall that was blocking the connection and not the firewall on the computer you are using as a client?

The test that can prove which computer's firewall is blocking a program from running is to turn off the firewall on the computer being used, then try to run the program in question. If the program still doesn't work, then the main computer is blocking the program.

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Extreme computer users have overclocked the computer and bolted a refrigerator underneath the computer in an attempt to keep the computer cooler. Normal people use the computer near a window were there is natural ventilation

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How does one unblock MySpace online?

If the blocking is from the browser, one can check the browser's setting. If the blocking is from the computer firewall, put Myspace in the firewall exception. If the blocking is in the Myspace website itself, contact Myspace about the block.

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If there is not a fan,or ventilation in your tower case then overheating can occur.

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In real life, no. Literally, invisible means 'not visible', so if you went to a perfectly dark room, you might be said to be invisible. Another example. You are invisible to the blind. If speaking of a computer-game, you would be wise to reask the question specifying the game.

Can you ban a website from your computer?

Yes you can by added the website to your host files or blocking it with your firewall

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check if any wires are blocking/in contact with the fan.

What is the name of the document that everyone has on their computer that is invisible and can't be deleted?

system 32?

What can make a computer invisible to hackers?

FirewallsIt's impossible to have your computer be completely invisible to hackers. You can keep them from getting by having a firewall. You can download many free firewalls online, or if you have a router, most have one built in by default.

Is their a way to get into runescape if your computer has a firewall blocking it?

You might reconfigure the firewall so that it allows RuneScape.

Who is the mole inside the NSA in Splinter Cell?

Micheal Doughtry, but he is not really a mole, his computer had gotten hacked because it had low security

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yes you can with some, but make sure the fan ventilation are not on the side that is on the desk