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Because its a synthetic element.

The number that appears in brackets is the most stable isotope of technetium.

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In the periodic table why is the relative atomic mass of technetium usually in brackets?

Because its a Synthetic Element!!!!!!!!

Why is the atomic mass of technetium usually in brackets?

The standardized atomic weight of technetium is [98] amu.

Why is technetiums relative mass usually found in brackets on the period table?

why is the atomic mass of technitium usually in brackets?

In the peridoic table why is technetium atomic mass number usually in brackets?

Probably because technetium does not occur naturally; all its isotopes are radioactive with short half-lives compared with naturally occurring radioactive elements such as uranium.

Why is technetiums relative atomic mass usually found in brackets on the period table?

because it is an isotope???

Is Technetium radioactive?

All isotopes of technetium are radioactive. Technetium is found only in trace quantities in nature, and then usually only in certain ores where it is a product of radioactive decay. All of the technetium used is synthetic.

Where could you find the element technetium in the world?

Usually only in a laboratory; technetium is an artificial element that does not occur in nature.

What radioactive marker is used for salivary gland scans?

a low-level radioactive marker, usually technetium-99m or technetium pertechnetate.

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Brackets are a way of ordering the priority of operations. In mathematics, usually things with brackets have their operations completed first.

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Parentheses are usually placed inside brackets.

When do you use parentheses and brackets?

The different types of brackets are:round brackets, open brackets or parentheses: ( )square brackets, closed brackets or box brackets: [ ]curly brackets, squiggly brackets, swirly brackets, braces, or chicken lips: { }angle brackets, diamond brackets, cone brackets or chevrons: or ⟨ ⟩Parentheses (singular, parenthesis)---sometimes called round brackets, curved brackets, oval brackets, or just brackets, or, colloquially, parens --- contain material that could be omitted without destroying or altering the meaning of a sentence. Example: Sometimes I like to use parenthesis (they make everything more fun).Square brackets are mainly used to enclose explanatory or missing material usually added by someone other than the original author, usually in quoted text. Example: I appreciate it [the honor], but I must refuse.Curly brackets (also called braces, or "squiggly brackets") are sometimes used in prose to indicate a series of equal choices. Example: Select your animal {goat, sheep, cow, horse} and follow me.Angle brackets are often used to enclose highlighted material. Some dictionaries use angle brackets to enclose short excerpts illustrating the usage of words.An example can be:I used the brackets to mark off important information in my research paper.

What does periodic mean in science terms?

Usually when saying "periodic," scientists usually refer to the periodic table. This table is the shortened version of gasses, solids, liquids, and so on.

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What is the purpose of a technetium heart scan?

The technetium heart scan is used to evaluate the heart after a heart attack. It can confirm that a patient had a heart attack when the symptoms and pain usually associated with a heart attack were not present; identify the size and location.

Where is the period number found on the periodic chart of the elemnts?

Usually at the top ... and classically written in Roman numerals.Yes, there are numbers at the top of a periodic table, although they are for the groups/families on the periodic table. Usually the period numbers are found to the left of the periodic table.

Where on the periodic table The most metallic elements?

they are usually on the left side of the periodic table with the exception of hydrogen

What is the name of the table of elements?

It is called the periodic table of elements. Usually it is just referred to as the periodic table.

What metal is in braces?

The Brackets are usually made of stainless steel or Ni-Ti (Nickel Titanium).

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There are both "square" and "curly" brackets used in algebra. They are [] and {} respectively in type. Usually square brackets are used to group smaller numbers of terms than curly brackets, and even square brackets are used only to group quantities some of which are in parentheses. Thus a suitable use example would be {[(a - b)(c + d) - a2]/[(fg + hj)/[k(l/m)]}. Larger square brackets are also used to set off numbers in matrix format.

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How many different elements are on the periodic table?

Usually over 110 - it varies depending on which periodic table you look at.

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