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Polar bears are the most carnivorous of the different bear species. They mainly feed on two different species of seal, the bearded and the ringed seal. They may also eat various bird eggs, walruses, and the carcasses of Narwhals, beluga whales.

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Should humans feed polar bears?

No. Polar bears will eat a human.

How can polar bears feed on fishes?

Fish are meat. Bears eat meat.

Do polar bears have udders?

The term "udder" is specific to bovine species. Polar bears are mammals and as such have teats with which they feed their young.

How do the panda and polar bears differ with regards to the type of food they eat?

Panda bears are mostly herbivorous. They feed on bamboo. Polar bears are almost completely carnivorous. They feed on seals, walruses, whales, etc.

How long do polar bears feed on milk?

3 months

How can polar bears habitat be protected?

polar bears can be protected by killing them all and then using the meat to feed the dogs and use the skin as a condom

Do polar bears give milk for the baby bear?

Yes. Polar Bears are mammals and almost all mammals feed milk to their young.

How do polar bears feed their cubs?

they feed their cubs by making milk in their bodies then the cubs drink it out by sucking on nipples on the polar bear stomach

How do polar bears feed their babies?

The same way your mama was feeding you .

How is the brown bears diet different from that of the polar bears?

The brown bear will have more vegetation to feed on than the Polar bear will. The Polar bear will eat mostly seals and some fish.

Do polar bears get along with humans?

they get along with u when u feed it fish

What type of consumer are polar bears?

Polar bears ate tertiary consumers. This means that they are the consumers at the very top of a food chain where carnivores feed on other carnivores.

Do whales and walruses eat young polar bears?

No. Killer whales will prey on polar bears, but not other whales like Grey, Bow or Humpback whales nor walruses because these species feed in plankton and small fish, not polar bears or polar bear cubs.

Are polar bears mutualistic?

The polar bear has a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with arctic foxes. These foxes sometimes feed on the leftovers of polar bearsâ?? meals.

Do polar bears have prey?

Yes, polar bears are carnivores and normally feed on seals. Occasionally they will attack vulnerable walruses or small beluga whales through ice holes.

How do polar bears affect other animals?

Polar bears feed other animals. Scavengers get the chance to eat what the polar bear leaves behind. They also help to keep the seal population at an even level.

How do polar bears feed their young?

by providing milk that is 33% fat

What is it like where polar bears live?

because it's colder there and better to feed their cubs

Do polar bears in the wild typically feed on penguins?

No, in the wild, they live at opposite ends of the planet: the polar bears in the Arctic north, and the penguins in the Antarctic.-------------------------------------------------------------No, that would be impossible. The reason that it is impossible is because penguins live at the south pole(Antarctica) and polar bears live at the north pole (the Arctic); there are no penguins where the polar bears live!.

Where are polar bodies found?

on a polar bears arssseee on a polar bears arssseee on a polar bears arssseee

What do polar bears like in their home?

Polar bears usually like seals, their cubs, and their ice. The ice keeps the polar bears cold, because polar bears live in an environment where they are surrounded by ice. Their cubs because they have to feed their cubs daily, and their cubs have to stay warm, because they are young, and they have to be fed. The seals because seal is what polar bears eat. Seal contains all the nourishment that a polar bear needs to survive in its habitat.

To what are polar bears related?

polar bears are related to bears.

What is the symbiotic relationship of an Arctic fox?

Arctic foxes have a symbiotic relationship with polar bears. They follow the bears and feed on the remains of their kills.

How is the brown bear diet different from that of the polar bears?

well, i am not sure but i think that polar bears feed on those fish of the artic, they eat those fish which are adapted to the cold. and brown bears feed on fish which are warm blooded. so mabye to get the answer search about warm blooded and cold blooded

Do polar bears eat narwhals?

If a dead narwhal washes up on shore, the polar bear will feed on the animal's body. However, they do not hunt live whales.

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