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Men can wear shoulder bags on either shoulder depending on what is comfortable. I wear my shoulder bag on both shoulders.

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Q: On which shoulder do men where their bags?
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Where can one purchase men's shoulder bags?

You can purchase men's shoulder bags from your local Macy's, Target, or Walmart. You can also order one online at Amazon and have it shipped to your house.

Are shoulder bags for men considered fashionable?

Shoulder bags for men are considered fashionable, however, it really depends on the man and is very subjective. Since designers such a Hugo Boss have a shoulder bag line it would indicate that there is a market for them.

Where can one buy a men's shoulder bag?

Men's shoulder bags are becoming more popular these days and many retailers are carrying them. You can buy one from stores such as The Bay, Banana Republic and The Gap.

What kinds of messenger bags are good for men?

The best types of messenger bags for men are those that have shoulder pads and are in dark colors. Just use one that is the most comfortable for you and looks good as well!

Which stores offer the biggest selection of shoulder bags?

The stores with the biggest selection of shoulder bags are often the big name stores. Trying stores like Macy, Nordstrom, and others usually offer lots of shoulder bags. But their are online sites like amazon clothes and ebags that offer variety of shoulder bags.

What are the pros of shoulder bags?

You can't have them easily stolen

Shoulder bags are provided with broad straps and not thin strap why?

if shoulder bags were provided with thin straps we would feel the bag has more weight and pressure on our shoulders , and sometimes the strap may also break because of the pressure .that's the reason why shoulder bags are provided with broad straps

Do men carry purses like woman do?

I'm not sure if they call it a purse when a man is wearing it, but some men do! Yes, many European and some American men carry bags, sometimes referred to as "man bags." The ones I have seen have been leather, with little decoration, maybe a buckle or two, with a shoulder strap.

Does the store Coach Handbags sell anything else?

Coach Handbags sells only bags, but they have different designs of their bags. They have shoulder bags, clutches, evening bags, hobo bags, and cross body bags.

Why do shoulder bags have broad straps?

One of the most traditional types of handbags is the shoulder bag. It's classic and elegant and perfect for all occasions. Shoulder handbags are incredibly versatile and functional. This makes them perfect for working women, casual days and everything in between shoulder bags come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. They can be dressed up or down depending on the clothes and the occasion. A woman can carry different shoulder bags with all clothes in closet. Visit More: leather shoulder bag

How much does a Louis vuitton weight?

according to, because that Louis vuitton has many different styles,such as shoulder bags,handbags,totes,luggage,men bags,and the weight is different, a luggage will weigh 3kg,while a shoulder bag just weigh 0.8kg or so,you can see the exact weight on the,where has a full review.

What companies make messenger bags for men?

Amazon offers a wide selection of messenger bags for men. Department stores such as Nordstorm or Macy's will also offer a variety of messenger bags for men.

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