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I would think that to be highly unlikely. Once a case is closed, the Trustee has filed all the proper paperwork and the case is set aside, usually permanently. Unless there is substancial fraud involved on your part and the Trustee gets wind of it, I'd think you are safe.

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Q: Once a chapter 7 bankruptcy case is closed can the trustee order the debtor to relinquish their tax refund if not ordered prior to closing?
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What does it mean when ordered that any wage orders are hereby vacated in chapter 13 bankruptcy court.?

Garnishments must cease.

Will a motion for release of garnishment for unpaid rent typically be ordered when requested of the county circuit court in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Filing a bankruptcy stops ALL Garnishments, foreclosures, etc. (Even the IRS)

Can you file bankruptcy on restitution?

No you can not file bankruptcy on anything that is court ordered.CAN YOU FILE BANKRUPTCY ON RESTITUTION?

Can a bankruptcy be stopped for a court ordered judgment made prior to the bankruptcy?


Can you claim bankruptcy on court fines Illinois?

Fines in Illinois can not be claimed in bankruptcy if they are derived from criminal acts, parking tickets and traffic offenses. Additionally, court ordered fines and restitution will not be discharged under Chapter 7.

Can you file bankruptcy on a civil lawsuit?

To avoid paying the judgment??? No. Court-ordered judgments are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Can court ordered dependent medical bills be included in a bankruptcy?


Does bankruptcy protect you from a civil bench warrant?

No. It only protects you (financially speaking) from your creditors - NOT from the court. ALSO: Bankruptcy does not wipe out, or excuse, court ordered payments that were in effect prior to the bankruptcy filing.

Does bankruptcy cover court ordered restitution payments?

Bankruptcy doesn't "cover" anything. If you mean, can a criminal-court-ordered restitution be discharged so you don't have to pay it, probably not. Lawyers are trained to argue issues for their clients, so you might find a lawyer who can convince the bankruptcy court it should be discharged.

Does bankrupcty protect you from wage garnishment?

No bankruptcy will not protect you from wage garnishments for certain types of debt. For example, court ordered child support/past due child support, court ordered alimony/past due alimony,student loans, federal taxes,state taxes and county taxes are not covered under the protections of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will also not protect you from wage garnisments for court ordered fines,restitution.

How can you stop your check from being garnished for student loans or lower the payments?

If you have a wage garnishment against you, this probably means that the lender already sued you and has a judgment. Sometimes you can file a "claim of exemption" with the court and ask the judge to lower the amount of the garnishment if you are having trouble meeting your basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. You can also negotiate directly with the creditor or creditor's attorney. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy would temporarily stop the garnishment under the automatic stay, but the garnishment could resume when the bankruptcy is over. Chapter 7 takes about 3.5 months to complete. Student loans are VERY difficult to discharge in bankruptcy. You might be eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a court-ordered repayment plan of 3-5 years. You MIGHT have a better chance getting rid of the student loan in a Chapter 13.

What is a discharged bankruptcy?

In a chapter 7 it is a total liquidation BK, that has been found valid and has been approved. Therefore the debtor(s) are discharged from the debt(s) that were included in the BK. A discharged BK is not the same as a closed BK. If it is a chapter 13, it indicates that the debtor(s) have fulfilled their obligation of repaying the amount to creditors that was ordered in the BK. After the trustee's audit a chapter 13 is considered closed

You filed chapter 7 and they are still taking money from your check?

WHO is still taking money from your check? and, for WHAT purpose is the money being garnished? If it is for IRS liens, child support, or some other court ordered payment, those are not affected by bankruptcy filings.

Has revstone filed for bankruptcy?

Revstone filed for bankruptcy on 3 Dec 2012. This is immediately after a judge ordered the company into receivership. See Related Links for bankruptcy filing. See Related Links for full article on American Swindlers.

How do I become a constrction consultant with a license?

Yes, bankruptcy will discharge a court ordered judgment but it can be hard to qualify.

Is child support taken during a bankruptcy?

In general, bankruptcy stops debt collection, at least temporarily. However, child support debts are not discharged in bankruptcy - the bankrupt person still owes whatever support was ordered by the court(s).

Who pays for a lender ordered appraisal?

Most lenders require the borrower to pay for it as one of the closing costs.

How do you disown a child in Michigan?

You cannot relinquish responsibility of a minor unless ordered by a court through divorce proceedings. You may not want anything to do with them, but they're still your responsibility.

Do you need to file any paperwork in court if ex-husband files bankruptcy and he owes child support?

onley if you think the bankruptcy is really serious!!!!!!! Child support is not allowable as a discharge in a Bankruptcy. He still has to pay it and the past due amount as ordered.

What happens to the garnishments after you filed bankruptcy?

If they were ordered by the court (i.e.: child support - back taxes - etc) you must still honor them, bankruptcy will not do away with court ordered liens. . Liens placed by private persons or businesses will have to take their place in your long line of creditors. As soon as you file, you take the papers from the bankruptcy court showing that you filed to your employer and the garnishment will stop. There are some exceptions to this.

Which king ordered the boy babies in Bethlehem to be killed?

Herod mat chapter 2

Chapter 13 FAQ?

Since 2008, more people have been laid off than any other time since the Great Depression. If you have been laid off or just can't make ends meet, your credit may suffer. When debt mounts and you can no longer pay your bills, you might consider filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to bundle your payments into one monthly lump sum payment and continue these payments for five years. The amount that you pay depends on your disposable income, as determined by the budget that you submit to your lawyer and the court. After five years, your debt is discharged. There are several advantages to a chapter 13 bankruptcy. First, many people do not qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you make more than the median household income for your family size in your county, you will not be permitted to file for a chapter 7 under most circumstances. In contrast, anyone can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy as long as they can demonstrate that their debts outstrip their income. In addition, most of your assets are protected with a chapter 13 bankruptcy. As long as your home or vehicle payments are not in default, you can keep them, including a certain amount of equity in your home as determined by your state. Your assets are safe as long as you make the minimum payments. Creditors will be ordered by the court to not contact you in an attempt to collect payment. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a cure-all for all for all your debt woes, however. You cannot default on your federal or private student loans, for example. In addition, if you have any co-signers on your debt, the creditors may pursue them for the payments and their credit will be affected if they cannot make the payments for you. Further, the bankruptcy remains on your credit record for seven years after the discharge. Because you must make payments for 5 years before the debt is discharged, your credit will be negatively affected for a total of 12 years. While you can file bankruptcy on your own in many states, you should consider hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Your lawyer knows the ins and outs of the bankruptcy process in your state and she can help you save time and effort with the court proceedings. In addition, many lawyers offer a free consultation.

Can your ex-husband file bankruptcy on a business debt he owes you and has been ordered to pay you by a civil court judge in the state of Indiana?

Certainly. That's why there are federal bankruptcy courts that have jurisdiction wherever the debt is.

Who ordered the Berlin airlift?

President Harry Truman. -Chapter 22 of The American Vision by Glencoe.

Can i file Chapter 7 to get out of paying my ex for property settlement?

If that's the only reason to file for bankruptcy, probably not. ALL debts must be listed and treated equally, so if you want to get the ordered property settlement discharged, all your other debts must also be proposed for discharge. Even if you get a discharge on the property settlement, which may not be possible in certain bankruptcy court districts of states, you will be open to contempt charges in the divorce court and still be required to pay the settlement. To be sure, consult a local experienced bankruptcy lawyer.