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unless the judge thinks that the child's visit with the non-custodial parent is in any way harming the child in question, then a child must wait until they are 18 to choose not to see the non-custodial parent

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Q: Once the child turns age 13 is it true that the child can refuse to go with the noncustodial parent for their access time?
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What age can a child refuse visitation with a noncustodial parent in Washington State?

if the child doesn't want to see the noncustodial parent he doesn't have too. don't force him to do it =)

What age may a minor child refuse to visit with non custodial parent in PA?

at what age may am minor child refuse to visit with noncustodial parnet in pa?

How much trouble would the noncustodial parent get in for keeping their child without consent of court or the custodial parent if said child wishes to stay with the noncustodial parent?

If the noncustodial parent tries to keep the child, the custodial parent can get the noncustodial parent charged with kidnapping and contempt of court both can be jail time for the noncustodial.

What age may a minor child refuse to visit with noncustodial parent in Tennessee?

See Link Below'Child Refusing To Visit Other Parent?'

Can noncustodial parent claim 1 child if divorce with 2 child?

can noncustodial parent parent claim 1 child if divorce with 2 kids

Does the noncustodial parent have to pay child support if they marry the custodial parent?

what if the noncustodial parent still reside with the custodial parent, is noncustodial parent still obligated to pay childsupport

Can a child sue custodial parent if noncustodial parent does not pay child support?


What is a noncustodial parent?

In American legalese, a noncustodial parent is the non-resident parent who has not been granted care of the child(ren).

Is it considerred kidnapping if the noncustodial parent takes the child without permission?

Yes. It is also kidnapping if the CUSTODIAL parent abducts the child, on the grounds that they are interfering with the other parent's care/access of the child (assuming a court order in place granting such access).

Can a Noncustodial parent move out of state with a child?


If the noncustodial parent does not pay child support to the parent that has custody does the parent have to let them know when the travel outside the state in which they live in?

Not as long as it doesn't interfere with the access rights.

How old does a child have to be to stop visiting the noncustodial parent in Michigan?

I would think it would be 18 or if you can prove the noncustodial parent is causing harm to the child.

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